Watch: Destiny Player Is Unstoppable

Destiny is sorely in need of a sequel as people have either run out of things to do or have become so good that there’s hardly any point in playing the game at all. The video we are about to share with you depicts the latter. This Destiny player has mastered every mechanic of Bungie’s first-person shooter that he can complete the Trials of Osiris–arguably the toughest Crucible event in the game–solo without dying!

Yes, you read that right. This guy can beat the Trials of Osiris without teammates and without dying.

Watch Destiny game-breaker Ramblinnn do what us mere mortals ought to consider the impossible and defeat the Trials of Osiris solo without dying.

Dang. The only thing to say is, “Game over.”

Literally. Destiny is over if one person can singlehandedly steamroll perfectly competent competition. I’m just happy I get to watch the carnage from Ramblinnn’s point of view. If I was on the receiving side of his rampage, I think I’d have to give up video games for good.

What do you think about this amazing Destiny feat? Is this proof that Bungie needs to fast track a sequel? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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