Watch What Happens When YouTubers Control a Real Life Agent 47

If you think slinking around in the shadows to pick off a target in Hitman is stressful? You ain’t seen nothing yet. These YouTube stars got the ultimate stress test because they played a game of Real Life Hitman, starring real people, for real.

Hitman developer IO Interactive teamed up with Realm Pictures to create a real-life version of the stealth-based action game. The video features nearly 10 minutes of famous YouTubers–like Smosh and members of the OpTic Gaming eSports team–playing through the highest anxiety version of Hitman as it stars a living, breathing Agent 47 that occupies the real world rather than a virtual one.

In the video’s description, Realm Pictures says that IO Interactive approached them to create the interactive game following the viral success of their “Real-Life FPS” project. That video, which later spawned a sequel, saw Chatroulette and Omegle users issue commands to a live first-person shooter game that unfolds in real time.

It’s the sort of undertaking that needs to be seen to be properly understood. Realm Pictures also uploaded a behind-the-scenes documentary that details the making of the Hitman project. You can watch that below to get a better sense of how “Real Life Hitman” was conceived from start to finish.

But first, watch Real Life Hitman.

Wow. That’s absolutely insane.

Find out how they made Real Life Hitman in the short behind-the-scenes documentary below.

The latest Hitman title launches March 11, and will be the first in the series’s first episodic release. On launch day, players can buy a digital copy of the full game upfront for $59.99 or purchase an intro pack, containing the prologue mission and a map based on Paris, for $15. Publisher Square Enix will release five more locations over the course of the year, with all content available by the end of 2016. These will cost $10 each upon release.

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