What Happens When You Give a Stranger a Gun in DayZ?

DayZ is not simply an open world survival MMO anymore. The game has now become a playground of social experiments. After all, what better way to understand the human condition than seeing how people will react to one person’s verifying/refuting a hypothesis when they are saddled with the stress of surviving zombie hordes and villainous, backstabbing humans?

The latest DayZ social experiment conducted by YouTuber Cyborg Lizard seeks to answer this simple question: what happens when you give a stranger a gun in DayZ? Would they meet his generosity with courtesy or would simply pick up the gun and shoot him in the face? DayZ players have earned a reputation of being huge assholes, but watch the video to find out if they really are as nefarious as they are made out to be.

DayZ Social Experiment – Giving Players a Gun

Only 31 per cent of players shot Cyborg Lizard with the gun he gifted to them! That is…shockingly low. Meanwhile, 68 per cent of players left on friendly terms. Maybe they aren’t as bad as we thought?

This is just one of many, many awesome social experiments conducted in the survival MMO. See more on YouTube.

If you were to conduct a social experiment in this game, what would it be?

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