What Kind of Games Does New Game Developer Barbie Make?

Mattel must have gotten wind of women outnumbering men in game development masters programs because the toy company unveiled the new 2016 line of Barbie dolls today and among them is “Game Developer Barbie”.

See Game Developer Barbie, along with some other Barbies that will be coming out soon, below.

game developer barbie

Making a Game Developer Barbie isn’t that surprising considering Mattel can’t simply slap a cheap, new hat like some common Malibu Stacy doll and expect consumers to fork over all the money in the world. No, Barbie needs to travel new avenues and pursue new careers constantly to keep the doll fresh and exciting. And since they have exhausted almost every possible career for the body-image-inducing doll, it was only a matter of time until a sleep-deprived Mattel exec pitched, “Game Developer Barbie!” with a mouth full of Chinese food, totally disregarding that this isn’t Barbie’s first attempt at entering the game industry (in 2014, a book featuring the character’s life as a computer programmer was pulled after reviewers called its content sexist).

Still, I can’t help but wonder what kind of games does Game Developer Barbie develop?

My first instinct was to be reductive and suggest that she would develop any kind of game as long as it’s pink. However, we know based on contextual that Game Developer Barbie primarily operates on PC, so are we to believe that she belongs to the PC Master Race? If so, that completely negates my initial, reductive suggestion that she would develop any kind of game as long as it’s pink for those who have ascended to the PC Master Race are far too discerning with their tastes to be so crude.

So then what kind of games does Game Developer Barbie develop?

Please, we need your help figuring this out. Share your theories with us on Twitter, Facebook or the comments below and I promise to hook whoever submits the best answer with a Game Developer Barbie of their own once it hits the shelves.

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