10 Reasons Why Gamers Are Ideal Mates

Gamers have a bad reputation of being antisocial, Dorito-dust covered shut-ins. Totally unlovable, right? Wrong. While some gamers may have a fine layer of processed cheese dust, that shouldn’t deter you from taking one as a lover. Here are 10 reasons why gamers are ideal mates.

1. You always know where they are: in front of the screen where you left them.

If they haven’t replied to your messages in a while, you can rest easy knowing that they’re not ghosting you. They’re probably just preoccupied with that game they just bought or engaged in intense rounds of DOTA with their squad.

2. You can make them wait for as long as you want because they know how to entertain themselves

All the staring at slow-load screens and waiting for the newest game releases have honed their levels of patience. Besides, they can quell the monotony by playing a game or two while they wait. The thing is, you might have to wait for them to finish when you’re finally ready.

3. They’re low maintenance

When they are focused on completing a mission, they don’t really need much to sustain them except for some food, drinks, and a toilet close by.

Also, if you don’t feel like going out on date night, your significant other will have no qualms about staying in, ordering pizza (or cooking pasta for two), and curling up on the couch with you for a movie/TV series marathon (or gaming together).

4. They don’t demand your attention and can give you as much alone time as your need

They understand the importance of space. They sometimes need space when they’re gaming, so when the time comes for some alone time, they are neither possessive nor jealous, but respectful.

5. Gamers are easy to shop for

Getting them any merchandise from their favourite game, new or old, will surely put them over the moon.

6. Gamers are full of wit and whimsy because they are kids at heart

You might feel a bit neglected at times, but you don’t ever have to worry about your relationship going down to road of boredom because your gamer partner is always down to joke around and doing fun things together.

7. Gaming makes people smarter

If you need further convincing, both the US Defense Intelligence Agency and the US Army Intelligence Center have used video games for training personnel in critical thinking skills. So their hours spent playing Minecraft, Portal or World of Warcraft are really honing their problem-solving skills…unless they use cheat codes…

8. Their tech-savviness can save you money

Chances are, when your system needs a cleaning or a check-up, they probably won’t nag you about finding someone to get that checked because they’ll know what to look for. Even if they don’t know exactly what it is, they aren’t afraid to learn and will more than likely do the research you probably should’ve done before you asked them.

9. They’re patient teachers

Every gamer has at one point had to teach people how to play their favourite game.

10. They’re good with their hands 😉

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