The Real Reason Why Pokemon Come in Pokeballs

It’s a question that’s plagued Pokemon fans forever: WHY DO POKEMON COME IN POKEBALLS? Doesn’t it seem cruel to keep these adorable yet powerful pocket monsters cooped up in tiny balls? Well, apparently not. It would seem that the reason Pokemon come in pokeballs is simply for practical reasons.

Twitter user BMC recently got an inflatable Lugia and it quickly became clear why the fictional creatures need to be kept in pokeballs. Check the photos below to see for yourself.

So here is the answer to the question, “Why do Pokemon come in Pokeballs?”: Because some Pokemon, even inflatable ones like BMC’s Lugia, can be too large to keep in your bedroom. Now that you’ve seen how much space one legendary bird can take up, imagine what would happen if another 720 got free from their pokeballs…

Catching them all would have serious drawbacks, specifically the burden it would cause on your personal space.

Still, there is something cruel about trapping wild beasts into tiny balls. But I suppose it is better than trying to cram them all into a tiny bedroom where they would no doubt feast on each other, shoot fire and lightning bolts at each other, etc.

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