Win a Night In a Cave Courtesy of Far Cry Primal!

To prepare one special fan for the prehistoric action of Far Cry Primal, publisher Ubisoft wants you to spend a night in a cave!

This limited time offer is not only a chance to get back to the roots of human civilization to help you better empathize with the protagonists of Far Cry Primal, but also a chance for you to reconnect with your nyctophobia. Winning the night in a cave is also a great way to remind you why you prefer to spend your nights perched on the couch gaming for hours on end rather than scrambling to make fire.

Unfortunately, Ubisoft will not let contest entrants fend entirely for themselves. Part of the prize includes survival training with experts. Still, if you have always wanted to spend a night in a cave or if you want a complimentary copy of Far Cry Primal for being subjected to the torture of being stranded in a cold, damp cave for an entire night, you can find out more about Cavebnb and the contest on the official page.

See what beautiful amenities await in your cave below.

Is CaveBnB the strangest video game promotion you have ever seen? If not, what is? Please tell us about the times video games went to far in promoting their product in the comments below.

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