The 6 Worst Places to Play Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go is a very fun game but sometimes players can get too wrapped up in the rush of catching Pokemon to fully realize that it is totally inappropriate to be playing Pokemon Go!

We are all guilty of playing Pokemon Go somewhere we probably shouldn’t. That said, as long as you haven’t played Pokemon Go in any of these places, we’re in the clear.

Here are the # worst places to play Pokemon Go.

6. After sex

Nothing makes a partner feels inadequate like whipping out a phone post-coitus to catch Pokemon.

5. In the delivery room

What hurts more? The contractions or the knowledge that your child is part ignoramus.

4. At a funeral

C’mon. Show some respect.

3. At the scene of a child’s senseless killing…

I just can’t…

2. 9/11 Memorial

And the fact that it’s a Magikarp is even more of a disgrace.

1. The Holocaust Museum


Have you ever been flabbergasted by Pokemon Go’s accidental insensitivity? Share your horror stories in the comments!

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