Would You Play This RPG About Being Homeless?

Whenever we think of survival RPGs, we typically think of games where we are tasked with fending off something that resembles a zombie hoard for experience points. This survival RPG is not that kind of game. It’s all about real survival. Survival on the streets.

Hobo: Tough Life is a survival RPG where players will have to deal with hunger, a hostile environment, neglect from their fellow man and dropping temperatures. I certainly can’t think of another game that seeks to tell the story of the less fortunate from real life in a realistic simulation.

Check out the alpha footage below.

Here’s how the developers describe the game on Steam:

Hobo Tough Life is a lot about exploration. You will have a city consisting of several diverse parts at your disposal. But we are talking also about other kinds of exploration. You will have to find out certain game mechanics. You will meet a lot of characters. A lot of places and situations will be somewhat challenging to find.

Our game is not just survival. We want to tell you interesting stories. The city isn’t empty concrete desert, but a place filled with characters. You will be given possibility to maintain or destroy relationships with people, to get known in certain parts of city. You will also interact with figures like local authorities, ordinary people etc.

Our game will be RPG with survival elements. The game is supposed to be tough. Beside things like hunger you will have to deal with slowly coming winter. Also sandbox character of game can be challenging. Your actions have always consequences. It is possible to ruin things.

Personally, I think this game is super cool. But would you play this RPG about being homeless? If so, help Hobo: Tough Life get green lit on Steam!

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