Would You Use This Virtual Sex Machine?

This post is about a new virtual sex machine, so yeah it’s probably NSFW.

As we gear up for the VR revolution, there is no doubt that one of the biggest draws of the new technology is the prospect of virtual sex…or so I’ve been told. I, most definitely, am not pining for virtual sex. I’m perfectly comfortable in my celibacy…ANYWAYS! Virtual sex won’t be a futurologist’s fetish much longer. The question is: how far are you willing to go to make virtual sex as authentic as possible? Would you be willing to use this virtual sex machine?

There is currently an IndieGoGo campaign running for something called VirtuaDolls. It is basically interactive software married to a VR-porn-supporting peripheral that will, through the power of science and crowd-funded manufacturing, make virtual sex as real as possible. I won’t bore you with the details of how it works, I’ll just show you the gifs of this new virtual sex machine and you can draw your own conclusions.

These GIFs are NSFW!

Ok. So you get how this virtual sex machine works, right?

If not, here is the creator explaining it all in his own words.

The IndieGoGo campaign has already $6,462 of the $20,000 needed to begin manufacturing this new virtual sex machine. Two of the contributor perks are already sold out! And while it is not my intention to pass any judgement on those who have had their interest peaked by this new virtual sex machine, I merely want to know, would you actually use this machine? Personally, I’d be worried about trusting my fleshy, flaccid member with such a powerful machine.

What about you? What do you think about this new virtual sex machine and the future of adult gaming with the upcoming VR revolution? Let us know what you think of the alpha on TwitterFacebook or in the comments below.

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