Xbox One Adding Cortana in 2016

If you recently upgraded to Windows 10, you may have noticed Cortana, the digital assistant inspired by the character of the same name and function in Halo. If not, you will soon because she’s coming to Xbox One consoles next year with the release of the new Xbox One Experience.

“For those who have asked about Cortana, our plan is to add Cortana to the Xbox One experience preview later this year,” Xbox Director of Programming Larry Hyrb announced on his Major Nelson blog. “From there, we’ll ensure that the experience is tuned for gamers before we officially launch Cortana in 2016.”

Though the Xbox One Experience update won’t immediately include Cortana, the massive update to the console will include some pretty cool stuff. The user interface is said to be significantly different, it will change how the Xbox One performs as well as a wealth of new features. Adding a digital assistant will take some time, but we have no trouble being patient as we still haven’t set-up the Kinect and the microphone, which are necessary for interacting with Cortana.

The new Xbox One Experience will continue to be tested over the next several weeks and will be released around mid-November.

If you are apart of the Preview Program, please let us know what you think about the massive overhaul of the Xbox One in the comments below.

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