Details Released: Latest Xbox One Update

Navigation is now more streamlined.

In case you haven’t turned on your console in the last day or two, a new update is live for the Xbox One. Xbox owners will see some changes to the dashboard and personalized settings, with some of these new features added just in time for the release of the Xbox One X. Here’s the full list Microsoft released on what we’ll see with this latest update:

  • You can now personalize your Home more than ever before by adding your favorite games, friends, Xbox Live Gold, Xbox Game Pass and more to your Home screen with a new concept we call “blocks.”
  • Guide has been updated with several new features to quickly and conveniently get you where you want to go. For example, we’ve optimized navigation within tabs with new flyout menus, which enable you to smoothly dive into deeper levels of detail within Guide.
  • For those looking to upgrade to a console in the Xbox One family (including Xbox One X), we’ve refined console setup experience by enabling gamers to seamlessly transition their console settings, games and apps from their existing console through external hard drive back-up.
  • Alternatively, users can transfer their games and apps from their current console over their home network via network transfer. In addition, Xbox One X owners will now be able to capture up to 4K/HDR screenshots and game clips using GameDVR.
  • If your bandwidth supports a 1080p Mixer broadcast, we will now automatically upgrade it for your Xbox One family of devices. Also, you can now use a USB webcam to broadcast yourself alongside your gameplay on Mixer or simply group video chat with friends using Skype.




Credit: HDz (YouTube)

Some other changes players will see is the addition of two new languages in the Settings tab: Hebrew and Arabic.

The most exciting new feature which allows you to transfer system settings and configurations to the Xbox One X, Microsoft’s upcoming console which the company has dubbed “The world’s most powerful console” ever released. The feature to capture game clips and screenshots in 4K is sure to please fans once they get their hands on the XB1X. The Xbox One X will be released November 7th.

How are you liking the latest Xbox update? Will you be buying the Xbox One X? Let us know in the comments below.

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