First Licensed Headset for Xbox Scorpio Confirmed

LucidSound announces a wireless headset designed for Project Scorpio

As we edge closer to Microsoft’ E3 unveiling of Project Scorpio next month, rumors and announcements are beginning to trickle out and make their way onto the internet and social media.

The latest of such announcements is confirmed accessory for Xbox’s ambitious console.



From LucidSound, the LS35X wireless gaming headset is the first officially licensed headset for Project Scorpio. It’s set to release alongside Project Scorpio this holiday season.


It’s Wireless

An interesting tidbit about the headset is that (so far) it’s only available in a wireless option. In the past, some hardcore and competitive gamers have typically used wired accessories for gaming. Wired accessories tend to transmit faster and at the highest levels of gaming, even a fraction of a second can make a difference.


The fact that LucidSound’s headset is specifically designed for Project Scorpio with a wireless only option could add some faith toward Scorpio’s impressive specs and the marketing campaign claiming it’s the most powerful console ever. Perhaps Scorpio will make the difference between wired and wireless obsolete.

The LS35X headset will also be compatible with Xbox One and Windows 10.

Keep checking back at GameAddik for the latest on Project Scorpio news.

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