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Internal Microsoft Research Reveals the Typical Xbox One Gamer

Some things you’d expect and some you wouldn’t.

Microsoft surveyed 2,000 American Xbox One users across the country and came up with some interesting stats.

Here are the quick highlights:

  • Gender split is 42% female and 58% male.
  • The average gamer is 33-years-old.
  • Their average household income is $75,000.
  • 56% live with a spouse or partner.

The survey first appeared on Windows Central and is meant to help developers identify the average user on Xbox One and better understand their targeted audience.

PHOTO CREDIT Windows Central

Types of Gamers

A separate survey gathered data from 8,000 participants and divided gamers by preferences and play style.

“Social” gamers made up 53% of the study, spending the majority of their gaming time in multiplayer arenas. “Expert” gamers typically spent the most money on their games and preferred open-world RPGs with sci-fi or fantasy themes.

“Contenders” are the competitive gamer, who most enjoy games offering a higher level of achievements and customization. “Companion” gamers preferred playing with family or friends, while “solo” gamers enjoy single-player experiences and typically more time playing in single sessions.


Understandably, some gamers fit into more than one of these categories. For example, a gamer could easily fit into both the “expert” and “solo” categories, which led to another finding…

Many Xbox One owners are classified as “explorers” – users who invest in a wide range of titles with no clear cut preferences. The study did not break down if this was more common in family households, where the console may be utilized by multiple family members, a possible explanation for the variety of content found.

At the end of releasing this data, Microsoft stressed that gamers are a diverse bunch, coming from backgrounds are varied as their playing styles.

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