Madden NFL 18 Looks Unbelievable on Project Scorpio

At E3, EA Sports demonstrated what Madden NFL 18 looks like on Project Scorpio

Xbox fans had new peak of Project Scorpio and its impressive capabilities thanks to Madden NFL 18. Though Microsoft isn’t set to officially reveal its newest console until Sunday afternoon, EA Sports took the stage at E3 on Saturday and gave us a sneak preview of Madden on Scorpio.

The results are stunning, to say the least.

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EA’s global studio head Patrick Solderlund introduced the stills during the EA Sports segment of the conference and spoke about the potential Project Scorpio has to offer.

“We are already creating the most detailed, high-resolution environments you could see on a console,” said Soderlund. The incredible visuals are also thanks to the new EA engine Frostbite, debuting in Madden later this year.


Soderlund concluded the segment by giving high praises to Scorpio, claiming it’s coming into the industry at the right time.

“Madden looks absolutely stunning, but as game makers, awesome graphics and effects are just the beginning. The game has to feel amazing as well. Project Scorpio is a powerful platform that is coming at the right time.”

Plenty more details about Project Scorpio, including the official name, release date, and price point, are expected to be revealed during Microsoft’s presentation on Sunday afternoon.

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