Player Who Holds Highest Gamerscore For 11 Years Goes on Honeymoon, Gets Overtaken

The moral of the story?

Ray Cox, known by his gamertag Stallion83, has been knocked off his thrown as the person with the highest Gamerscore, after 11 years at the top.

Over that period Cox became the first to achieve every major Xbox Gamerscore milestone, eventually racking up a score of over 1.5 million.

Now, Stephen Rowe, also known as smrnov, the player who had for so long been chasing Stallion83 score of 1,583,164G, has surpassed it with a Gamerscore of 1,591,160.

Unluckily for Stallion83, the overtake happened while he was busy on his honeymoon, as he eluded to in his tweet.

How will Stallion83 respond? By playing more games, we assume.

Is your Gamerscore anywhere near these guys’? Let us know in the comments section below.

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