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Possible Leaked Screenshot of Project Scorpio’s UI

Is this a screenshot of Project Scorpio’s UI?

A possible screenshot of Project Scorpio’s UI has surfaced, reportedly taken from Microsoft’s Build 2017 event, running from May 10-12 this week.

The screenshot seems to reveal Scorpio’s dashboard and it implies that Scorpio’s UI will have the capability browse apps and open other programs very fluidly, even while gaming.


The game captured in the screenshot is Forza Horizon 3, a confirmed game for Project Scorpio and one Microsoft has been using to show off Scorpio’s 4k gaming capabilities.

Improvements over Xbox One

A major complaint about the current Xbox One UI is its awkwardness and lack of user-friendliness. If this is in fact a screenshot from Scorpio’s UI, it seems that Microsoft is looking to correct the issues of its current system.


No confirmation from Microsoft yet if this leaked photo is from Project Scorpio, but given the timing of Microsoft’s Build event happening right now and the use of Forza Horizon 3 as a demo game, there’s a good possibility we’re looking at the real thing.

Microsoft plans to reveal Project Scorpio at the E3 conference next month.

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