Project Scorpio: Frame Rate Parity Explained

Will there be frame rate parity between Xbox One and Project Scorpio?

Microsoft has been pretty quiet about Project Scorpio, promising a big reveal at next month’s E3 conference. However, with the console’s incredible specs out in the wild, gamers have questioned the possibility of frame rate parity between consoles, especially in multiplayer games.

It’s good and bad

A difference in frame rate between Xbox One users and those playing on the newer Project Scorpio could be incredibly problematic for the more social gamer. In multiplayer games, a higher frame rate on Project Scorpio would give those players an edge, especially in games like Call of Duty or Halo where every second counts.


However, while frame rate parity would sidestep the issue in multiplayer games, it could potentially “hold back” the capabilities of the newer console – which may lead fans to wonder: what would be the point of plunking down cash to buy the superior system?

Xbox’s VP clarifies the issue

Apparently, it’s up to the developers to decide how to handle the frame rate issue between consoles for each game they produce.

Xbox VP Mike Ybarra took to Twitter to confirm.

Currently, Microsoft isn’t requiring developers to do anything in terms of frame rate for their games. But chances are, developers will have frame rate parity on multiplayers to help even out the battlefield. However, expect them to take full advantage of the superior frame rate and other specs on single player games.

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