Project Scorpio meets Mixed Reality

Microsoft reveals new Motion Controllers that could be compatible with Project Scorpio…

Marketing for any major brand is typically planned months in advance and Microsoft is no exception. So when the Windows Channel on Youtube dropped a video revealing their Mixed Reality Motion Controllers yesterday, it sparked a lot of curiosity.

Specifically: will the Motion Controllers be compatible with Project Scorpio?

The timing is suspicious, given that Project Scorpio was announced less than a month ago and the E3 conference is just weeks away. It seems like Microsoft could be gearing up for something huge.

It’s already confirmed that Project Scorpio’s impressive specs are capable of handling virtual reality and when you add Microsoft’s ‘Play Anywhere’ initiative into the equation, it’s easy to surmise that these Motion Controllers will work with Scorpio.


The potential is huge

The VR market, while impressively cool, hasn’t quite hit the mainstream yet, partly due to flaws in the first generation systems. The headsets can be awkward and heavy, cords get tangled and interrupt the experience, and the tracking systems haven’t worked out all the bugs yet. Above all, they’re expensive.

Mixed Reality with Project Scorpio could potentially change all that.

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The headsets for Mixed Reality are among the lightest on the market and the entire system only requires a single cord. It also boasts a superior tracking systems, the highlight of the Motion Controllers.

The Mixed Reality bundle is priced at $399, coming in one hundred dollars cheaper than PlayStation VR. While the price point on Scorpio has yet to be reveal, it could still one of the most cost-effective systems on the market, where you get the most bang for your buck.

While nothing is confirmed yet, the hype for Microsoft’s showing at E3 next month continues to grow. We can’t wait to see what they have in store.

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