Xbox One Introduces “Mixer”

Big changes to Xbox’s live streaming platform.

Microsoft has rechristened its live streaming platform with a host of changes and a new name: Mixer.

The sudden change in branding from its previous name Beam was made to better reflect the platform’s new services.

“We chose Mixer as our new name because it represents what we love most about the service….how it brings people together,” said Matt Salsamendi, one of the co-founders of Mixer and a lead engineer on the platform for Microsoft.

More interaction and socialization – right now

So, what makes Mixer different from other livestreaming platforms? It’s instant. It’s literally LIVE. Unlike most other platforms, there is no 10-20 second delay in streaming. What you’re seeing on the screen is happening in real time.

This works well with Mixer’s other core element: interaction. Viewers are meant to actively participate in the stream instead of just watching from the sidelines.

“With Mixer, you can influence everything from quest selection to tools to movement, mixing it up with your favorite streamers to create a new kind of gaming experience,” Matt Salsamendi states on Xbox Wire. “…some Minecraft community members have already created interactive experiences using this technology that allow viewers to do things like spawn in zombies or change the weather.”

Whether on PC, console, or mobile phone, users can interact and contribute to the gameplay. This elements plays right into Microsoft’s Play Anywhere initiative.


A New Way of Streaming

Mixer is built right into the Game Bar on Windows 10 and the Guide on Xbox One. With just a few clicks, anyone can start streaming their gameplay without any additional software.

Microsoft also rolled out several new features for their livestreaming platform.

  • Co-Streaming: up to four streamers can combine their streams into a single viewing experience. Together, the streams are viewed through a split-screen with a single, centralized chat. What’s more, co-streaming doesn’t require streamers to be playing the same game or doing the same activity. Meanwhile, viewers get to watch up to four streams at once.
  • Mobile Devices: a new corresponding app called Mixer Create launched its beta alongside the new branding. In the future, you’ll be able to stream right from your mobile device. Great for games like Pokemon Go where your viewers could join you in the hunt.
  • Channel One: Serving as a great “first stop” for viewers, Channel One features the best content across Mixer, from the newest streamers to eSports highlights, live events, and more.
  • Mixer Page on Xbox One Dashboard: Unlike Channel One, which features a smorgasbord of content, the new Mixer Page on the Xbox One Dashboard will highlight unique and diverse streamers on their platform, allowing viewers to access a variety of creative content.


NYC Store Gets a Mixer Studio

Mixer Studio is a digital production studio built for live events and competitive gaming. Located on the 5th floor of New York’s Microsoft Store, the studio boasts professional-grade gaming stations, concert sound quality, an LED video wall, and much more.

For local fans, this means experiencing next-gen streaming and interactivity, while eSports and other events will be broadcast to fans from around the world.

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