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Xbox Scorpio Mostly Under the Radar, Study Finds

Even some hardcore gamers are unaware of Microsoft’s upcoming console…

A recent study shows that most people, even gamers themselves, have never heard of Project Scorpio, Microsoft’s upcoming console boasting to be the most powerful ever created.

Released earlier this week, The Nielsen Games 360 Report is a yearly U.S. survey conducted to research gaming trends and expected product sales. The survey included over 2,000 participants, who were divided into ‘gamers’ and ‘general public.’

Of those labeling themselves as gamers, only 14 percent had heard of Project Scorpio. The general population came in at only 11 percent. By contrast, over 70 percent of gamers were aware of the PS4 and Xbox One consoles. PCs came in as the most popular platform for gaming.

PHOTO CREDIT The Nielson Company

Though, these stats really make you wonder: if someone hasn’t heard of either the PS4 or the Xbox One, should they really be classified as a gamer?

Consoles aren’t a big trend right now

The study also revealed another interesting finding.

With the Nintendo Switch’s success so far this year and the announcement of Project Scorpio, one would think that next-gen consoles would be the popular topic of this year. On the contrary, the study claimed that eSports and VR tech are the trends to watch for 2017.

PHOTO CREDIT The Nielson Company

Looks like Microsoft still has a lot of marketing to do to raise awareness about its latest endeavors. Hopefully, the E3 conference next month will tell us a lot more about Project Scorpio and help put it on everyone’s radar.

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