You Shouldn’t Be Making This Mistake If You’re a League of Legends All-Star

This weekend, the best League of Legends players in the world assembled in Los Angeles, California to face off in the League of Legends All-Star tournament. Team Fire would take the title, but the highlight–or the lowlight depending on who you root for–of the even was this League of Legends All-Star blunder.

League of Legends All-Star Froggen died using a teleportation spell in a match with Doublelift. The two had a rematch and Froggen died in the exact same manner. Doublelift would go on to win a third match in standard fashion. But getting killed after a teleportation spell for the second time in a row is highly unusual, which makes the reaction of the players and the crowd priceless.

Watch the League of Legends All-Star blooper that everyone’s talking about below.

Froggen vs Doublelift and then this happened!

You don't always want to take the snowball. #AllStar

Posted by LOL Esports on Sunday, December 13, 2015

Teleported the snowball…Dang. What a humiliating way to go out.

If I had a career in esports and this happened to me, I would announcement my retirement immediately. Luckily, Froggen is a true professional and doesn’t seem fazed by the mistake. Better luck next year.

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