Petition to Immortalize David Bowie in World of Warcraft Needs Signatures

Since his passing on Monday, everyone has mourned the loss of David Bowie. World of Warcraft players are no different.

Bowie fans who moonlight in the World of Warcraft have launched an online petition to get Blizzard to immortalize the music legend in game. While it is not known whether or not David Bowie ever took the time to create an avatar and explore Azeroth, the WoW-Bowie connection is strong thanks to the fact that Bowie’s son, Duncan Jones, is the director of the Warcraft movie.

It is worth noting that there is currently a character in World of Warcraft that pays tribute to David Bowie: Iggy Darktusk (a nod to the Ziggy Stardust character Bowie created in the 70’s). Regardless of Darktusk, petitioners feel a character that bears Bowie’s likeness would be a more suitable tribute for the iconic singer.

Personally, I think such a thing would be easy to do as Jareth the Goblin King–the role Bowie played in Jim Henson’s Labyrinth–could easily be mistaken for any old WoW NPC. If you’re not familiar with David Bowie as Jareth the Goblin King, watch the video below.

At the time we are writing this, the petition has already received 3,366 signatures of their 5,000. If you agree that David Bowie needs a proper memorial in WoW, you can head here to sign the World of Warcraft petition to see Bowie commemorated in game.

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