​World of Tanks

World of Tanks is an online player versus player action game where players battle for supremacy to earn the ultimate battle tank.

Released in 2011, World of Tanks has spread to consoles, PCs, mobile phones and even TI-83 calculators (I am going to be developing my own calculator port of world of tanks). As popular as it is divisive, World of Tanks is an online free-to-play shooter that has a huge amount of historically accurate and customizable tanks. It has a large variety of team-based game modes and a massive following which make matches super competitive.  

World of Tanks in the field

It appeals to young and old audiences thus making it appear that the developers of World of Tanks have hit a cultural gold mine. My 80-year retired neighbor plays World of Tanks (WOT) roughly 15 hours a day. I often worry that his WOT obsession will speed him to an early death as he misses doctor’s appointments regularly because of the intense tank battles that make him lose all track of time.

All People have been Replaced by Tanks

World of Tanks is a fast-paced and simple take on online competitive gaming. During online matches, you control your tank which can be upgraded. Eventually, you will buy new tanks to gain a more competitive advantage during matches. The tanks controlled as I expected. Somewhere between a simulation and an arcade game, World of Tanks required me to independently control my turret and lower hull.

World of Tanks Groups of tank

In contrast to a game like Halo, these tanks are sluggish behemoths that require precise manipulation. That said, controlling your tank’s turret is easy. Point and shoot with the mouse. When firing, you primarily must worry about reload time. This makes waiting for the next shot an anxious affair. As a result of this mechanic, I had to carefully time and aim my shots at attacking opponents. Many battles came to close calls. Taking out an enemy that was one shot away from blowing me to hell gave me so much joy!

My Tank is Pretty

World of Tanks looks amazing for a free-to-play game. When released, it looked positively fantastic. Today, it looks pretty good. Its graphics do not compare to the graphical fidelity of the AAA content being released on PCs and consoles. That said, the tank models look great and are for the most part historically accurate. The environments are wide open and detailed, yet somewhat spartan (like early Halo games). Perhaps this is why the game has low system requirements.

World of Tanks One the openfield

The low requirements meant that I could even run WOT on my 2011 MacBook air. It even ran at a decent framerate! Very wisely, during installation, WOT gives you the option for an SD and HD mode. On my beef-cake gaming PC, the HD mode looked much than the SD mode. That said, with recent releases like Battlefield 1 or even Battlefront, the environments in WOT look fairly last-generation.

Becoming the Best Tank You Can Be

The game’s early tutorials taught me that each tank had multiple weak points. Understanding the weak-point of each tank is a key gameplay mechanic. Knowing this, I kept my metal ass covered when rolling out. Despite my attempts to dodge and weave during battles, my weak points proved to be a big problem. Thankfully, WOT allows you to customize your tank’s equipment. With upgrades, your tank can fire faster and further, increase its camouflage and many other things.

I found this element of the game to be engaging. Although realistic, my tank needed a constant supply of ammunition which I purchased in between matches. Beyond buying ammo, I bought repair kits and fire extinguishers to keep my tank going during frantic battles. Also, I found out that my tank had a crew which could level up.

World of Tanks Crews

Throughout the game, I found that different tanks had advantages and disadvantages over others. Tank types include light, medium, heavy, tank destroyers, and artillery. I gained access to a variety of these tank types using the game’s research tree. During battles, I won points which were later used to research the new tanks. Researchable tanks are associated with the country that developed them. Moving up the research tree allowed me to acquire a few tanks which I then proudly displayed in my tank garage. I need a tank garage in my real home!

Tank on Tank

WOT includes game modes like random battles, team training battles, tank company battles, team battles, stronghold battles, and special battles. Most multiplayer games that I played were team-based affairs which pitted teams of roughly five players against each other. In later play modes, players can compete in 15 versus 15 player matches. Multiplay rewards players that work as a team. On my team, our captain organized us by putting heavy tanks in the front to take the heavy fire.

World of Tanks PVP

He ordered the lighter tanks flank and outmaneuver the opposing team. Although this kind of organized team play is somewhat rare, World of Tanks has an extremely active community. Because millions of players play Work of Tanks, online matches are extremely easy to find and play. Released in 2011, World of Tanks is still one of the most popular online shooters available today. Fans often participate in professional competitions that pay out with big prizes.

Paying for the Most Beautiful Tank in the World

As with most free-to-play games, World of Tanks feels grindy after playing for a couple of weeks. That said, a ton of fun can still be had even after you start hitting paywalls. World of Tanks requires that players earn credits silver and gold currencies. The silver or regular credits can be earned in regular battles. As time goes on, things do become ridiculously expensive thus tempting you to turn to the premium currency (gold).

World of Tanks Custom

Because all that glitters is gold, in WOT, gold is mainly obtained with real cash currency. Gold unlocks premium content and premium account status. Premium status allows players to earn 50% more credits and experience during battles. That said, gold can be earned on rare occasion in tournaments, or competitive events like Clan Wars mode. The credit and gold system does not get in the way of gameplay

How many Tanks are in A World of Tanks?

World of Tanks has a lot to offer for gamers that want to get their online PVP fix. Years after release, World of Tanks is now a polished affair. It offers the works! As a mature online game, it includes competitive multiplayer, a fair and only somewhat annoying payment model, great graphics that run on any PC, mobile versions, console ports, a large variety of upgrades and tanks, and a decent variety of online gameplay modes. If you like tanks and shooting things, it would be a disservice to you and to the universe not to try World of Tanks.

World of Tanks Inventory

Sidenote: World of Tanks has one of the strangest video game stories. Instead of creating a rote narrative storyline, the World of Tanks developers have gone the mysterious route. Like the worlds found in the action-slasher Dark Souls, the world in World of Tanks is a mysterious and deadly place.

World of Tanks Silhouette

Perhaps an alternate reality, some say that humans do not exist in this world anymore. Others theorize that in this reality, all humans have been replaced by sentient tanks that endlessly battle one another continually night and day.

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