3D Puzzle Game Entropy Rising Picks Up Where Portal Left Off

I’m not sure whether or not the team behind Entropy Rising is going to appreciate all Portal comparison. I mean, it’s next to impossible not to associate it with the puzzle-platformer that blew so many minds and I’m sure they were conscious of that from its inception to its release. But still, it’s always a little bit discouraging to hear the same comparison over and over again, no matter how flattering it was meant to be, without starting to think that you’re just a derivative.

Make no mistake, however, Entropy Rising is not a mere Portal-derivative. Sure, the inspiration is out in the open for all to see but once you enter this weird, little world populated by flying spheres, oversized measuring devices, trying to make sense of where things belong all while controlling time and you’ll forget all about that Valve game.

Unfortunately, there is no story to speak of. You follow a mysterious pink sphere through the levels and solve puzzles involving elements like fire, water and rock, which have to be combined in the right ways and places. The puzzles are all creative and very rarely result in you pulling out all your hair or bashing your head into your keyboard. Frustration is a huge deterrent from 3D puzzle games, for me at least, and the “rewind time” feature cuts down on this in a big way as you are allowed to recover from falling to your doom or putting an element where it doesn’t belong with ease. Top that off with an unobtrusive soundtrack, intuitive, responsive controls and great graphics, you’ve got yourself a game.

Entropy Rising is on the sparse side. You should be able to finish it in a sitting, but it’s also a great game to revisit once the solutions to puzzles aren’t so fresh in your mind.

Overall, this is a great game that deserves your attention. This is especially true if you’ve been craving more Portal. Get Entropy Rising on Steam now. The game is 15% off until December 1st, so don’t delay!

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