Last Horizon Is The Minimalist Space Adventure Game We Deserve

Last Horizon, a new game by Pixeljam, is a space survival game that’s all about exploring and surviving space with limited resources. Think Wonky Ship but with more substance and you have the Last Horizon. And if that doesn’t get your juices flowing, well, then, I feel sorry for you.

Sporting a simple and clean look and feel, Last Horizon will immediately appeal to fans of minimalist games. Gamers who aren’t into minimalism are in for a treat, because, while it doesn’t appear to be anything special at first glance, it is.

In Last Horizon, players embark on an infinite journey across space, trying to survive with just a handful of resources like oxygen and fuel. There are no levels in the game, you just navigate your ship around and explore nearby planets that your compass points out to you. There are four different flights (A, B, C and X) that you can embark on. Each flight equates to difficulty levels that you have to unlock after a certain point. As you find planets and land on them to gather resources to survive, you will earn points.

The controls in the game are simple and easy to learn, though it will take time and practice to master. The ambient soundtrack adds a subtext of loneliness to its space travel theme while the colour gradients of astronomical objects juxtaposed against the vast blackness makes Last Horizon a delight to the senses. Furthermore, the endless nature and randomization of the game gives Last Horizon a staying power not seen on many games made for mobile devices.

I will say that the in-game text can be hard to read if played on your mobile device rather than downloading it for desktop on Steam, but even then that’s hardly anything to get bent out of shape about. I can’t see how a bit of squinting could spoil an otherwise perfect mobile game.

Last Horizon might be a minimal game at first glance but it is aesthetically stunning and atmospheric all while providing simple, intuitive, unique and challenging gameplay. Take a look at gameplay trailer below to see this mobile game masterpiece in action.

If you are up for a space survival game that requires patience, skill, and precision, then make sure to check this game out. Last Horizon is available on the App Store and Google Play store as a universal download for just $2.99 with no in-app purchases. You have $2.99 to spare on a quality game, don’t you?

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