League of Angels 2

Embark on an epic quest to save the planet of Sapphire in this browser MMORPG!


League of Angels 2 is a free-to-play browser MMORPG game where players lead a group of Angels to exorcise evil from the world. Level up a mighty team of champions to become the greatest power to fight the forces evil and to dominate the Angel arena.

The long-awaited sequel to the award-winning free-to-play MMORPG League of Angels has finally arrived with a brand new story, amazing graphics and more heart-pounding action players loved from the original.

Recruit a team of angels to fight against ever-stronger hordes of demons and their handlers.

Level up your roster to fight increasingly difficult opponents

Beware! Leveling up isn’t enough. Cunning strategy, finding new party formations and gear combinations will be needed to make it to the top rankings.

Game Content

The storyline differs from the original.This time, the angels aren’t as vulnerable… actually, they have become so powerful that their only remaining true enemy is themselves (gasp!).

Ride epic mounts

The angelic split up into 3 Kingdoms: Celestial, Midas, Tempest. This means you’ll get to battle not only evil, ugly demons but other angels just as powerful as you!


The angels are beautiful! I’m not talking about their sexy Roman inspired clothing, but the graphics overhaul the entire game received. GTArcade redesigned a more powerful 3D engine and reworked animations to bring LOA2 to a new level.

Smackdown your opponents with powerful spells

Considering this is a browser game, they’ve done a good job.

Character Progression

Angel Quality

There are 3 levels of quality for your angels: Normal, Epic and Legendary. You can farm normal angels to harvest them for souls. Epic level angels will form the base of your squad for awhile until you can farm up enough to get Legendary Angels.

You’ll want to get Legendary Angels as fast as possible. An equally leveled and geared Legendary Angel will have TWICE the Battle Ranking of an Epic Angel. That’s a HUGE difference.

Farming Prisms

Normal and Elite dungeons will drop prisms. These prisms are used to upgrade your heroes. The harder the dungeon, the better stats a dropped prism will have. You can also use Bless Stones to boost a prism’s stats even more.

League of Angels 2 - Character Customisation Screen
Find, Craft and Collect legendary gear

Dungeon farming is your main way of gearing up your angels and upgrading them to legendary status. Try to level up as quickly as possible to get faster access to higher-tier items.

Farming Gear, Runes and more

Dungeons are your bread and butter for equipment. However, there are also ways of farming special items needed to upgrade your heroes. The PVP Arena provides diamonds and prestige. The Hero Trial grants gold, Mastery Stones, Relic Essence and other elements. The Abyss yields equipment shards and Equipment Shop currency. Finally, there is the PVP Dominion game gives players Bless Stones, Refine Stones and gold.

You’ll need to build several different builds to perform adequately in every area of the game. So you had better start leveling up now! 🙂

Guilds and Raids

The Palace Dungeon are multiplayer co-op battles where guildies can team up to defeat raid bosses for extra special loot needed to craft end-game items.

Help your guild mates defeat epic raid bosses

Having the right party formation will be key to defeating raid bosses. (Hint: They are really tough B.A.M.Fs!)

Is it Pay to Win?

Ze question‘ everyone reading this review is asking themselves! The game itself is Free 2 Play and has a cash shop (developers have to eat too!). However, all items in the shop are available to f2p players as well. The only advantage paying players have is to save time on farming.

F2P players can reach end game content just like P2P players

Even the paid in-game currency is easy to farm. Most players will never need to spend a dime.


Reach level 35 before making any type of opinion on League of Angels 2. Like many MMOs, it takes awhile to reach the really interesting bits of content that seperates good players from GREAT players.

Once you can start farming legendary angels and crafting epic gear, the game will become much deeper and fun.

The automatic gameplay feature really helps get you through the grind. Once you hit the harder parts of the game, you can take manual control and devise your own strategy to win.

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