League of Angels

League of Angels

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Title: League of Angels
Status: Released

Graphics: 2D

Platform: Web browser
Developer: R2Games
Publisher: R2Games

League of Angels is a turn-based browser MMORPG that drops players into a vibrant, visually stunning fantasy world where the Great Demon King’s evil forces are running rampant and a hierarchy of beautiful, lingerie-clad angels needs saving.

Your quest is to save the angels (who are so gorgeous that they make Charlie’s pale in comparison) and save countless honest citizens from the Great Demon King clutches. Begin by collecting gold and equipment; increase your hero and party’s strength until you are ready to rid the world of the Demon King’s scourge.

With arena battles and an infinite number of baddies to kill in the story mode, League of Angels will awe even the most cynical gamer.


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  • Polished.

    We didn’t encounter a single bug or lag while we were playing, which are sadly all too common in browser-based games.

  • Mini-games

    Is there anything better than taking a break from trying to save the world or crushing your fellow League members in PvP by playing a few rounds of Gemology (aka Bejeweled to the real world) or do some gardening (i.e. a mini-Farmville)? The inclusion of mini-games makes for a richer experience playing League of Angels compared to some of its competitors.

  • The Angels

    Sorry if this is crass but we’re a bunch of red-blooded, heterosexual males and sometimes we just like it when a game goes out of its way to include scantily-clad, shapely-chested women.


  • Automation is king.

    Maybe we’ve been doing it wrong but we play video games to play. This is a fact the developers sorely should have been made aware of because automating your character’s action is the best way to be successful in League of Angels. Autopathing is the best way to get around, even inside dungeons. Combat is automated as well. Once you enter combat with your team of NPCs, the fight is out of your control. Apologies to anyone that likes to decide what attacks characters dole out.


Minimum System Requirements:

    Internet browser


PLAY League of Angels FOR FREE!


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