League of Legends

League of Legends

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Title: League of Legends
Status: Released

Graphics: 2.5D
Genre: MOBA

Platform: Web browser/Facebook
Developer: Riot Games
Publisher: Riot Games

To say that League of Legends is just a game is to grossly undersell it. League of Legends has evolved from a browser-based multiplayer online battle arena into a digital sport that sells out arenas around the world. Perhaps we’re blowing the review’s load by telling you now that League of Legends is the gold standard of all free-to-play games.

As of January 2014, League of Legends had 27 million players per day. Once you begin perusing the amazing variety of Champions, experience the rewarding progression systems and the fast, intensely strategic team-gameplay, you’ll see why this game has become an international phenomenon.

On paper, League of Legends seems rather simple. Rack up the kills with your team and destroy the opponent’s nexus. However, with more game modes than we care to count, League of Legends is constantly expanding and improving their platform to keep the diehards enticed.

Be forewarned that this game is as addictive as they come, so say goodbye to your loved ones because you’re not going to see them again once you and your squad of champions start mowing down opponents with your quick thinking.


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  • Gameplay is diverse, engaging, requires quick thinking and is practically flawless
  • Graphics and sound are amazing
  • Graphics and sound are amazing
  • Limitless skill ceiling
  • Consumer-friendly (i.e. FREE!)


  • The community.

    League of Legends’ fan community is huge. Almost too big. To the point where new players will feel adrift unless they get a group of friends who have also never played to comprise their team and opponent.

  • Lacklustre singleplayer A.I.

    So play multiplayer and fight a worthy opponent.


Minimum System Requirements:

    Windows / iOS


PLAY League of Legends FOR FREE!


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