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Legacy of Discord – Furious Wings

Annihilate hordes of demons in this unique Mobile MMORPG


Legacy of Discord – Furious Wings is a free-to-play MMORPG available on both Android and iOS mobile devices. You play as humans with crazy powers, in a war against powerful demons.

You can pick from three classes, each with their own elemental fighting style. The Bladedancer uses electricity to supercharge his attacks against enemy demons. If you choose the Berserker, he’ll decimate foes with fire attacks. The last class is the Sorceress, who uses ice attacks to destroy her enemies. Every class is a lot of fun to play, but I found myself gravitating towards the Sorceress.

Legacy of Discord Sorceress
Choose from one of three classes

The game is centered around your BR (battle rating), which increases levels up based on many of the actions you take, like levelling up and completing missions or side quests.

What’s the game about?

One of the greatest things about Legacy of Discord is that it’s fun to play even from the beginning of the game, during the early tutorial stages. You’re then ready to play whatever quests and side quests are available as soon as you finish the first chapter, which is considered the tutorial for the whole game. You can easily stick to auto-battle during the early stages since enemies aren’t as advanced yet.

Powerful Spells and fighting in Legacy of Discord
Perform powerful spells and chain your attacks to inflict massive damage

There are a bunch of game modes in which you can participate and earn awesome rewards. You never feel like you run out of things to do, which means you can play this game for a while.

You can also test your abilities against other players in PvP and rise in the rankings to gain rewards and honor points. You aren’t really overwhelmed by all the things to do in Legacy of Discord because the game does a pretty good job of easing you into the mechanics. That doesn’t mean this game isn’t big, it really is a massive game with plenty to accomplish.

Fierce PVP fighting in League of Discord
Fierce PVP fighting

Legacy of Discord’s Gameplay

My motivation for playing the campaign wasn’t really the story, although it’s a good enough narrative if you delve into it. It’s humans versus demons and although it’s a bit deeper than that, it just felt a little bit cliché in some places.

Craft epic gear in League of Discord
Loot & craft epic gear

The rewards system kept me going with Legacy of Discord. I felt like I was being rewarded for almost every action I took and I really enjoyed that. It was really satisfying to constantly be getting gold, BR, and equipment for everything I did. The levelling process is fast and you unlock a new mode every few levels.

Most of the stages in the campaign require energy to play while other stages are basically chests with rewards. You start out with a 3-star rating on stages and try to keep it until the end so you can flip cards and get even more rewards.

Gear upgrades

There’s an upgrade system for equipment that consists of Fusion, Enhancement, and Refinement where you use materials and gold to level up your armour and increase their stats. Then there are Wrathwings, which give your character an even bigger stat boost as well as an awesome transformation ability.

Get a pet!

If that wasn’t enough, you can also collect pet fragments to summon your own pet to fight beside you. Pets give an even bigger boost to your BR rating and make fights more epic.

Diablo-like levels

Levels in campaign mode play out usually out the same way. You fight a lot of demons and then progress to the mini boss or final boss of the stage. It’s a solid setup that doesn’t drag on for too long. It also doesn’t get old because there are so many other modes you can play.

Gameplay is the most fun when it’s done manually by using the virtual buttons on the screen. You have your standard attack and then your special attacks, which you unlock as your character levels up. The special and ultimate attacks each have a cooldown period before they can be used again. You can also chain attacks to perform brutal combos on demons for bonus damage.


League of Discord's amazing gameplay graphics
State of the art mobile graphics

The art style for Legacy of Discord is what we’ve come to expect from MMORPG games recently. Armour tends to be highly detailed and that only increases as you level up and gain stronger equipment. Some of the characters’ fan service is a little bit much at times, but overall things aren’t overbearingly sexy.

The graphics are reminiscent of Playstation 2 games, which is currently fine for mobile devices. There are a few parts where the pixelation is a bit hard on the eyes, but overall character models are smooth and detailed.

The animation department could use a little bit of work; it could be a little less sloppy and more refined, but they aren’t bad. The effects in the game are really cool to watch as they decimate enemies. Music is really well done, but the voice acting is just plain terrible in some places.

Levels and Money

You can level up your character by defeating demons and completing quests and missions. It’s pretty standard for this type of game, but it gets the job done. It’s a tried and true system that will be around for a long time.

Legacy of Discord free gear and diamonds
Get free gear every day just by logging in.

Your character gets a BR rating based on several factors, like your level progress and type of equipment. BR is really important for PvP battles, where you compare your BR with your opponent’s before the fight.

The main currency is made up of gold and jewels, which you use to purchase chests, items, enhancements, and other materials. There are also other types of currency, such as arcanite, which you can use to buy even more items.


Multiplayer in Legacy of Discord is mostly centered around PvP, which are matches against other players. You unlock the first PvP mode around level 14, which is pretty early on in the game.

Join a Legacy of Discord guild
Join a guild for more game modes

You gain an honour rating and other rewards if you successfully K.O. your opponent in 1v1 mode. You can select your opponent from a list based on their BR and level. It’s best to choose opponents with a lower BR than yours although you can always go with a higher rating if you’re looking to test yourself (or you just like pain).

You use challenge tickets to fight against other players although you will have to endure a cooldown once you go through several fights. You can’t use any potions during the fights so they’re a bit more balanced.

Later in the game, you can unlock other PvP modes, like team-based 5v5 mode where battles get even more intense. There is also a free-for-all deathmatch which is all-out chaos, but quite a rush if you manage to stay alive long enough to claim a reward.

Guilds are unlocked at level 22, which gives you enough time to build your characters into power houses. You can choose from a list of available guilds or start your own if you have a bit of an entrepreneurial spirit.

There are a couple modes attached to guilds; Guild Wars, which is a tournament style mode available on the weekends to the top 16 guilds, and Plunder, which pits you and your teammates against other guild members.

Free-to-Play or Not?

Legacy of Discord is based on the free-to-play model but doesn’t require that you dish out your real-life money in order to enjoy the game. Sure, you can pay for currency and chests, but you can still get a lot out of the game without spending a single penny. I never felt like I was being forced to pay for anything and ads are minimal, which was great!

Legacy of Discord Quests


Legacy of Discord is constantly rewarding, with so many things to do that you should be able to play this game for a long time without getting bored. You should be able to win with just auto-battle until around level 20, where you’ll have to be a little more strategic to beat enemies and bosses.

You’ll love this game if you enjoy most MMORPGs and it’s also a really great game for people looking to get into the genre for the first time. Legacy of Discord teaches you enough in the beginning that you won’t have a hard time playing on your own once the tutorial ends.

The game is great to play in small chunks or for even longer periods of time if you want. The regenerating energy required to play the campaign stops you from playing for too long, but there are enough modes to play so that it really isn’t an issue. I definitely recommend Legacy of Discord to anyone looking for a robust experience without much of a learning curve. Go play it now!

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