Nords: Heroes of the North

Nords: Heroes of the North

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Title: Nords: Heroes of the North
Status: Released

Graphics: 2.5D/3D

Platform: Web browser
Developer: Plarium
Publisher: Plarium

The Northern realm of Shingård has withstood floods, plagues, Nordic cuisine and hordes of marauders. Now, it faces its greatest challenge: The Ice Queen and her army of undead.

King Björn the Awesome has picked you and your ragtag army of Northmen, Orcs, Elves and Dragons to defend Shingård against the Ice Queen’s undead invasion.

You must forge alliances, train your champion and join millions of players and thousands of clans as you battle it out across the frozen North. Arm your Stronghold, build your army and prepare to fight for loot and glory in this free-to-play game that combines high fantasy and Norse mythology.


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  • Patrick Warburton as King Björn!

    You may remember Patrick Warbuton as the voice of Joe on Family Guy and David Puddy on Seinfeld. He is a hilarious actor and his voice makes the tutorial seem like a visit from an old friend rather than a tedious chore.

  • Sense of humour.

    Video games take themselves too seriously too often. Dark and gritty is in, which is why it’s so refreshing to play a game that’s focused on entertaining you with its hilarious, hapless heroes and genuinely funny script.

  • Graphics style

    It’s very cartoonish but it looks great and serves the game’s overall tone very well.

  • 3D Mode

    Conquests are planned in the standard 2.5D world map perspective, but when it’s time for battle, it can be viewed in 3D, which features awesome animations not often seen in the MMORST genre.


  • Gets repetitive

    Though Nords has made significant stylistic and tonal improvements on the free-to-play MMORTS games that preceded it, it still falls victim to the same fatal flaw the others did: repetitive gameplay. It’s just click after click until you realize the sun’s down and it’s time to eat.


Minimum System Requirements:

    OS: Windows XP / Vista / 7
    CPU: Intel Quad core / AMD Phenom X4 and higher
    RAM: At least 2GB
    HDD: 10GB free space


PLAY Nords: Heroes of the North FOR FREE!

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