Pirates Tides of Fortune

Pirates Tides of Fortune

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Title: Pirates: Tides of Fortune
Status: Released

Graphics: 2.5D

Platform: Web browser
Developer: Plarium
Publisher: Plarium

Pirates Tides of Fortune is a massively multiplayer real time strategy that throws players into the uncharted waters of the Seven Seas and immerses them in the hustling, raiding, treasure-hunting life of a Pirate.

As the captain of their own pirate crew, players must raise their Pirate Haven from an anonymous desert island into a busting hub of their debaucherous Pirate Empire complete with gold mines, rum distilleries and lumberyards.

Recruit your own stalwart crew of maiteys, raise your fleet and set sail for fame, glory and untold treasure all while defending your island, raiding neighbouring islands and singing sea chanties. Poseidon is no longer God of the sea, you are! Yo ho, it’s a pirate’s life for me.


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  • “Pirate English” optional

    While we totally understand why the developers made their pirate game primarily in Pirate English, but it got old very fast. Thankfully, you have the option of switching to 21st century English. That option saved the game.

  • Detailed graphics

    The environments and buildings have been made with a ton of detail on them and the human character models are quite life-like as well.


  • Slow paced

    Just the tutorial portion of the game took us a couple of days to get through. It can always be skipped, but it’s not recommended because you need to know how to research technology for ships so that you get off that godforsaken desert island. Furthermore, resource collection is very slow.

    Don’t expect to be able to stowaway on a galleon right away. Patience is a virtue, have it if you can, especially if you want to build a Pirate Empire in Pirates: Tides of Fortune.

  • No combat system

    After spending hours building up a massive fleet and sending them on a raid, there’s nothing more discouraging than finding out they’ve all been claimed by the watery deep. That’s all you can do, send them away and wait to hear back from them. Too bad because controlling the combat would be really fun in a game as good looking as this.


Minimum System Requirements:

    Internet Connection: Required.
    Flash Version: 11.0:


PLAY Pirates Tides of Fortune FOR FREE!


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