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Title: Stormfall: Siegelord
Status: Released

Graphics: 3D
Genre: Strategy/RPG MMO

Platform: Web Browser
Developer: 37 Games
Publisher: 37 Games, AMZGame

Siegelord, the free-to-play medieval strategy/RPG MMO browser game by 37 games, lets players take control of a kingdom where they must recruit generals, raise an army and engage in epic battles to reclaim the throne.

In the land of Theiden, the game begins with players allying with either the Kingdom of Albion, the Nords Alliance or the Empire of Gorm. Once you’ve sworn allegiance to a kingdom, it is your responsibility to recruit generals and lead the conquest as the hero you were born to be.

Restore glory to the throne either by story driven quests or PVP combat. Either way, your battles will be won on strategy rather than brute force. Conquering the world and restoring glory to your kingdom will take a mix of wits and luck. That is, if you’ve got what it takes to hold the title of SIEGELORD.


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  • Plenty of room.Usually when you start an MMO, you’ve got a tiny plot of land to build on with the promise of expanding your kingdom in the future. In Siegelord, the player is given multiple plots of buildable plots and villages, each dedicated to the collection of resources.
  • Interactive combat mechanics.Combat in Siegelord is not automated. The game uses rock-paper-scissor mechanics where one is strong or weak versus the other. It’s up to the player to strategically select a specific command/skill to counter the enemy’s moves and gain the upper hand.
  • Beautiful graphics.But that’s the genre for you!


  • Pay to win!Whenever you start playing a free game and you’re asked to buy diamonds to speed up production or get better equipment, it’s only natural to be a little bit miffed. Of course, it’s just a fact with these games because developers need to keep the lights on somehow but it still irks us. However, Siegelord is a lot more accommodating to casual players than other MMO by allowing players to “pray” for additional resources.
  • Story?Siegelord boasts a story but, to be honest, we couldn’t tell you a dang thing about it. It really makes no sense. Save yourself some time: follow instructions, build up your army, complete quests, and don’t bother trying to follow the story.


Minimum System Requirements:

    Internet browser


PLAY Siegelord FOR FREE!


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