Tribal Wars 2

Tribal Wars 2

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Title: Tribal Wars 2
Status: Released

Graphics: 2D
Genre: MMOG

Platform: Android, iOS, Browser
Developer: InnoGames
Publisher: InnoGames

Tribal Wars 2 is a free-to-play browser game and sequel to the 2006 classic.

As leader of your tribe, it is your duty to take your small village, build it up into a castle and then fortify it with impregnable city walls all while assembling an army of axemen and spear fighters that must be feared and revered! Defend and expand your kingdom in the war-torn landscape as you vie for survival against rival tribes.

With striking new graphics, interface improvements and a brand new strategic map system, Tribal Wars 2 has all the fun of conquering prehistoric Europe without all the risk!

Build your army, but keep in mind Tribal Wars 2 is not a game that can be won solely on brute force. Alliances must be formed with other players, but will it help your tribe’s domination or make you yield to opponents?


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  • A strategy game that requires strategy to win!
  • The convenience of logging on and building up your empire wherever you are is great. Bathroom breaks at work, waiting for your takeout order to be ready, riding public transit…these were all boring activities that have been converted into opportunities to further your conquest!
  • Cities and general HUB graphics are quite stunning.
  • Emphasis on single player campaign over PvP.


  • You need to pay real money to buy diamonds if you want to keep advancing to the late middle ages. That or you must exercise the patience of a monk.
  • Single player campaign is light on any actual story. Build, conquer, repeat.
  • The game is too similar to Civilization in every way shape and form. It’s impossible for us not to directly compare them and unfortunately Civilization’s gameplay, presentation and interface beats Forge of Empires.
  • The tavern only provides the people with 280 Happiness? That can’t be right…


Minimum System Requirements:

    Internet browser


PLAY Tribal Wars 2 FOR FREE!


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