War Thunder

Go to war in the ultimate land, sea and air warfare game

Game Briefing

About a decade ago the console market was awash in World War II-inspired video games. From (the original) Call of Duty series, the Medal of Honor franchise, Brothers in Arms, among others, it seemed like every developer was trying their hand at mid-twentieth century FPS combat. And for those of use who’re fans of the genre and remember that time know that a majority of those games were a testament to the success of mediocrity.

War Thunder Naval Action

In an attempt to revive the genre with something fresh and innovative, however, Gajin Entertainment has succeeded in breathing new life into the market with this mixed combat vehicle game inspired by histories greatest battles.

Great Game Content…

Unlike other World War II era-inspired combat games, such as the now ten thousand and two CoD games, War Thunder is a vehicle based, rather than boots on the grounds FPS. Instead of limiting the player to just a few vehicles War Thunder features over eight hundred airplanes, tanks, warships, and other combat vehicles hailing from the United States, the Japanese Empire, Great Britain, the Third Reich, the Soviet Union among other nations of the era.

War Thunder Airplanes on the field

One of the key differentiators of War Thunder’s combat are the levels of realism with respect to damage inflicted on your vehicle in combat, resources like ammunition spent, and so on. Unlike other games, once you’ve spent all of your bullets during an air sortie or consumed most of your fuel, you’ll have to make a combat landing to restock or refuel. While this may seem tedious, this added realism and attention to detail enhances War Thunder’s fun factor and adds new levels of strategic depth. (Your team’s airfield, after all, is a bombable target.)

Another really nice aspect of this game is the cross-platform compatibility. So Playstation enthusiasts who own the most recent Sony console can play with their friends who play on PC or even Linux!

War Thunder Cockpit

Despite its phenomenal gameplay, though, War Thunder is still technically under development so everything isn’t fully polished. For example, some of the tank controls aren’t customizable which may vex some players. Also, PC gamers may find that online servers may, on occasion, crash or display graphic display issues.

… And Gorgeous Graphics

Technically, War Thunder is classified as an MMO combat game but would just as accurately also be considered a combat simulator. And this isn’t just because of the realistic gameplay…if your machine can handle the graphics requirements, that is.

War Thunder Bombing Run

The visuals quality can be adjusted depending on player preferences and machine tolerances. On a minimal mode backgrounds, objects, and vehicles look very similar to a decently rendered sixth generation game and the medium mood is a little better still. FullMax graphics mode, however, possesses a phenomenal level of fidelity and delicious detail.

With An Exciting Campaign That Is Historically Accurate

War Thunder Air To Air

As one would expect War Thunder’s campaign mode is structured primarily around the second world war. An assortment of missions will place on the side of various factions – for example, the Third Reich versus Soviet Russia or The United States against the Japanese Empire – in historically accurate battles across Eurasia and the south Pacific.

Plus PvP Like No Other

One thing that War Thunder does extremely well, with consistency, is its multiplayer. PvP matches host up to 32 players who are split into two 16-man teams can duke it out in tanks or in planes along with other NPCs. So you can end up engaging dozens of squadrons just like the European theater of the 1940’s. Due to this War Thunder is literally unparalleled in this category. In fact, War Thunder has set a Guinness Book World record for the most aircraft in a simulated slight game, with 303 planes in a single multi-player game.

War Thunder Dog Fight

Moving on, multiplayer has a few main play modes with a series of objectives which can be fairly simple or complex. For example, “Air Domination” requires the players and his or her team to control a certain area of airspace for a select period of time to capture the region. To add another example, “Ground Strike” tasks the player with destroying all enemy ground and air units along with an opposing airfield. Most matches are designed so that players are assigned to historically accurate teams and environments. For example, in an “Air Domination” match players may be assigned the Third Reich and the Soviet Union over Volgograd, thus allowing the players to recreate the famous Battle of Stalingrad.

Since its release, War Thunder has accrued a massive fanbase, which supports the tons of multiplayer action from all over the world, so the 32 PvP player slots are going be assigned quickly. Multiplayer modes involve exciting combat objectives and have varying level of difficulties determined by an ELO system, so newbs don’t need to have to worry about being slaughtered by Thunder veterans.

War Thunder AntiAir

While not needed, players can join clans if they wish. This also grants the players option to engage in the continually expanding clan battle system.

Also, you can engage in PvE campaign combat with games online as well. Finally, there’s also a mission editor mode so you can customize your own missions and play with you buddies.

So, Does It Cost Any Do-Ri-Me To Win?

In short, no. War Thunder is available as a PC, Apple, Linux, and PS4 download on Gaijin’s War Thunder’s sub-website, as well as through Softronic, the Playstation 4 website, and on Steam. Downloading through any of these websites is free of charge.

War Thunder Japanese Arsenal

However, Steam exclusively provides a special Steam Pack download deal for $29.99. This pack grants you access to two new single-player campaigns, premium aircraft models, one month of Premium account upgrades, and seventeen hundred Golden Eagles. In addition to this premium download, Steam also provides four additional download packs which range from $9.99 and $54.99.

Fortunately, this game is free to download and enjoy and you don’t have to pay to win, however, if you are interested a slew of exclusive campaigns all available downloads to date are $164.95.

And In Conclusion

War Thunder German Jet

Besides the other features mentioned War Thunder features other great game features such as its stirring original orchestral music, a decent vehicle upgrade system, and exciting sound effects. Those details in combination with a solid physics engine, extreme combat realism, fair but fun multiplayer, and stunning visuals make War Thunder an absolute must try for anyone interested in the FPS or more general MMO combat genre games. I can honestly say that of all of the games that I’ve reviewed thus far, War Thunder is one of the best.

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