What’s Good and Bad in Halo 5

To be honest, we are more interested in playing Starbound‘s early access than playing another Halo game. But since Halo 5 is now out and it is all gamers will be talking about until another Star Wars Battlefront beta, we figured we might as well play Halo 5 and let you know what’s good and what’s bad about the latest instalment.


What’s good in Halo 5


Gone are the days of a Spartan camping out in a secret vantage point picking off opponents now that Halo 5 has integrated a killcam function. While hardcore Halo players may not like the Call of Duty-inspired addition, preferring to hunt down players with only their wits and memorization of the maps, killcams can be toggled off. When that’s done, players watch their team through third-person, just like previous Halo games.

Smart Scope

Halo 5 players now have the ability to zoom in on their targets with any gun, putting more emphasis on ranged attacks and rebalancing gameplay so not every player is clamouring for the battle rifle to dole out headshots. Purists may not be thrilled but Halo 5’s new smart scope has a saving grace that will no doubt appease them. Getting shot while zooming in instantly snaps you out of it. Attempting to win a close-quarters firefight by aiming down the sights will just see you ventilated instead, and I think we can all agree that’s great.

Frame rate and performance

The reason Halo blew up into a cultural phenomenon is simply because its engine handled frenetic firefights and mayhem better than any of its FPS predecessors. For Halo 5, 343 Industries doubled down on a smoother, visually-rich experience, showcasing the current gen of consoles’ power in full. Unless you consider yourself a jaded gamer, it’s hard not to be impressed.

Shields recharge differently

Remember when you could just sprint away from gunfire until your shields were fully recharged? That’s not the case anymore. To recharge your shield, you have to camp somewhere quiet and stay motionless until you are battle-ready. It remains to be seen whether or not the new shield system will have a big effect on the flow of matches, but we’re excited for a new, challenging way to stay in the game.

What’s bad in Halo 5

Cortana is alive

Remember how we all praised Halo 4 for its emotional ending featuring Cortana’s self-sacrifice that added an unexpected amount of depth to the franchise? Well, none of that matters now because the AI is alive and well, making the events of Halo 4 utterly pointless.

Key game modes are missing

What’s a Halo game without King of the Hill, Oddball, Big Team Battle, etc.? A Halo game without these signature game modes is Halo 5. 343 has promised that some of these game modes will be made available later, but right now we have Warzone where Big Team Battle should be. We may come to love mowing down AI and capturing their buildings in Warzone, but for now, we’re pining for the classic Halo multiplayer modes.

No split-screen multiplayer

For a multiplayer game like Halo, it’s strange to see no split-screen multiplayer function. I suppose video games have been emphasizing online matches more and more, but there was something thrilling about taking a peek on your opponent’s screen and watching them flail around the basement floor in frustration after you nailed them by surprise. This mostly sucks for people without Xbox Ones that will just simply have to watch us play Halo 5.


You knew it was coming. Microtransactions in console games are always controversial, so why should Halo 5 be any different? But seriously, can anyone please explain to me why we are being charged on top of the $60 we had to pay for the game in the first place? And why should we have to pay for the ability to select the gear we want to use on the battlefield? Sure, we can unlock stuff for free by grinding away at the game for 50+ hours, but I’m still not feeling it.


What do you like and don’t like about Halo 5? Let us know in the comments!

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