World of Warships

MMO Naval Battles that require Strategy, Teamplay, and Skill

Released in 2015, World of Warships is an MMO PvP battle simulator that tackles the interesting subject of ship to ship naval warfare. Focusing on naval warfare puts World of Warships in a unique position. Embracing some arcade-like elements while still incorporating a complex physics system, World of Warships offers players a highly unique and strategic online free-to-play battle experience.

World of Warships

The slow-paced battles found in World of Warships, require far more team play and organization than games like World of Tanks or War Thunder. If teaming up with online players to create massive steel formations of battleships is your thing, then read on to find out why World of Warships can scratch your warship itch.

What Makes a World of Warships?

Instead of focusing on a story, the developers of World of Warships have worked on putting together a team-based massively multiplayer World War 2 themed Warship battle arena game. The meat of World of Warships revolves around distant shooting matches and coordinated team organization of ship classes. The shooting in World of Warships is more demanding than most typical first person shooters or even World of Tanks.

World of Warships Targeting

Because warship battles occur at long distances, the first person shooting in this game requires a considerable amount of strategy. When I first played, I attempted to fire at opponents as fast as I could without taking much time to consider where my shots would land. This angered my team-mates and brought me little success.

After spending more time with the shooting mechanics, I found that to hit an opponent; I had to lead my targets or aim in front of them. When playing, I figured out that this mechanism had two implications. One, since I was firing long distances, I had to arc my shot so that it would land where I wanted. Two, leading my targets meant that I had to predict where my opponent would be once my shells landed. Initially to hard wrap my head around, this complex aiming system soon became one of my favorite aspects of World of Warships.

World of Warships Firing Cannon

Like many other games in the MMO player versus player combat genre, World of Warships excels at offering loads of content. Here, I found that there were a vast variety of ships that I could eventually earn. As I found out early on, not all warships are created equally. In World of Warships, there is four main types or classes of ships available.

These are destroyers, cruisers, battleships, and aircraft carriers. The ship classes all have different strengths and weaknesses requiring different play styles. My favorite type was the cruiser type. I found that no matter which type I chose, I had to work together with my teammates. Otherwise, battles went shamelessly bad. When players work together using realistic naval strategies, World of Warships shines.

World of Warships Aircraft Carrier

As for the nationalities of ships represented in World of Warships, I noted that the developers worked hard to offer a plethora of options for players. In World of Warships, players can choose from The United States Navy, the Imperial Japanese Navy, the Kriegsmarine Royal Navy, the Polish Navy, the Republic of China Navy, the People’s Liberation Navy, the French Navy, and the Royal Australian Navy.

The game’s co-operative mode involves teams of players battling against computer-controlled opponents, while the random battle mode features teams of human players duking it out against one another. Battles take place on a limited number of maps. Each map depicts a specific location with different geographical layouts. Criteria for victory in each scenario are outlined at the start of play.

World of Warships Fleet

Typically teams are required to win by occupying one or more specific locations on a map for a given period. Alternatively, some scenarios require players to destroy all enemy players. Because each vessel has unique strengths and weaknesses, the likelihood of victory relates directly to the willingness of players to work cooperatively. In other words, all together now!

I Would Drink this Game’s Water

Perhaps because it was first released in 2015, Word of Warships looks like a modern effects-laden graphical beauty. The first thing I noticed about the graphics in World of Warships was the water. It undulates and washes against the ships in a realistic and convincing manner. The water effects show higher amounts of detail closer to your ship and less detail further out. That said, this is barely noticeable. I applaud the developers for getting the water effects down right because most of the game-world is water! If the water looked bad, the whole experience would have been ruined.

World of Warships Small Fleet

Beyond the water, the ships are rendered beautifully. Each vessel has a surprising amount of graphical detail represented with sharp textures and fully modeled guns, desks, and other exterior apparatus. When these ships get hit, convincing fire and explosion effects accompany the shelling animations. The actual firepower or shells look a bit bland in my opinion. Not that there is a whole lot that a developer can do with launched shells…

World of Warships Sea Battle

I noted some of the effects associated with the ammo discharges were a bit two-dimensional or flat looking. Perhaps the developers did this to keep the game running smoothly. That said, this is a small issue. You will not be disappointed with the graphics here.

The Ultimate Battleship Can Be Yours!

Progression in World of Warships is a balanced and fair affair. Experience points are earned over time which allows you to research new vessels. When fully researched, I obtained new ships using Exchange Credits. These credits were gained from completing matches. In between matches, I worked on researching other ships while also working to improve my current ships.

World of Warships Tech Tree

Each of the ships that I had earned had modules that would allow me to customize and create the ultimate Warship killing machine. Ship upgrades were interesting as well. I could upgrade things like my hull or engine, but also my ship’s loadout and gun batteries.

Ship Versus Ship

This is an MMO player versus player battle extravaganza. That said, my experience with the game showed me that World of Warships should be regarded more of as a team versus team battle extravaganza. If you go into battles thinking you are going to be successful as a lone-wolf, you will be sadly disappointed. As mentioned earlier, you need to work with teammates to augment each ship type’s strengths and weaknesses.

World of Warships Flanking

Each ship needs to join a solid and organized battle group to distract, protect, outmaneuver, and flank the opposing team. To help players sustain working battle groups, World of Warships offers “Divisions.” Like platoons found in World of Tanks, Divisions allow players to group up into threes to fight battles together.

War Can Be A Costly Affair…

Payments in World of Warships did not obstruct gameplay experience in the least. The payment system allows players to unlock and try out ships faster. That said, if you find a ship you like and stick with it while researching between battles, you can avoid using premium currency for the most part. Playing the highest tiers will push players to start spending money. To play the awesome massive late-stage mega ships, you will need to research and buy a ton of lower level ships. This would take hours without using premium currency.

World of Warships Victory

Most of the time the players that want to avoid paying, just stick it out and grind. It is hard to do this here because, between battles, you need to use in-game currency to repair your ships or to purchase ammo. So, as a result, later the in the game, I could not purchase ships or upgrades because I had to maintain the ships I had. Because of these maintenance issues, I often resorted selling ships earlier than I wanted. This could be viewed as a system that makes you strategically maintain a navy or a limiting cash grab.


In sum, World of Warships offers a highly strategy focused team battle affair. This is great because it adds an extra layer of depth and competition. The graphics here are beautiful enough that you will never get tired of cruising the open seas.

World of Warships

The payment model and progression system does not ruin gameplay, yet it has a few issues. If you have any interest in naval warfare, you owe it to yourself to play World of Warships!


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