10 of the Most Awesome Gaming Cosplays

Perfect for any gamer’s Halloween inspiration.

If you’re looking for any costume ideas this Halloween, why not go as one of your favorite video game characters? These recreations of some of the most popular games will make feel proud to be a gamer! Check them out!

Credit: instagram.com/enasniv

1. Mad Moxxi (Borderlands series) – Borderlands is known for having some of the most memorable characters in video games, and Mad Moxxi is one of the best characters to cosplay as. Just don’t be surprised if she throws in a random innuendo now and then.

Credit: instagram.com/babie.bat, instagram.com/aidaydayy, instagram.com/delaneyodo

2. Pyramid Head and Nurses (Silent Hill series) – Be honest, the first time you encountered these enemies in Silent Hill you were horrified, and rightly so. The Nurses erratic and creepy movements were enough to make most players turn the game off right away. Try not to get too scared walking by these guys at the next gaming convention.

Featured Image Credit: cosplay.kotaku.com

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