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The 10 Best Online Multiplayer PS4 Games

Play your PS4 with anyone, anywhere

2. Battlefield 1

As all those around it move forward in time, DICE decided to send its Battlefield series back to where modern warfare began. The First World War represents a horrific time in history, and Battlefield 1 does its best to do it justice with its single-player campaign. Yet the online multiplayer is the reason why most people buy the game, and it doesn’t disappoint either, with a plethora of weaponry to choose from and different playing styles to apply.

Battlefield 1 requires tactical thinking, so your decision to place yourself either in the assault, medic, engineer, or scout class is paramount before you even begin playing. Each gives you a unique ability and access to a certain number of weapons. The maps are as huge and interesting as ever in conquest, and the brand new mode Operations pits you in some of the most infamously gruesome battles in history. It’s an essential for any fan of online games.

3. GTA Online

It’s amazing to think that even now, nearly four years after its release, Grand Theft Auto V still sits in the top five best-selling games. There’s no doubt that the reason behind its unstoppable success is the inclusion of GTA Online, a mammoth service which continues to continuously pull players in. With so much to do, and a whole city and its outer areas to do it in, it’s no surprise that the game mode has been so successful.

Players first create a character that’s unique to them. If they want, they can decide to play Online as if it’s a constantly evolving single player campaign, completing missions and exploring the city’s offerings on their own. Yet the fun is to be had in spawning with other players, performing heists and challenges together. Then there’s the option to play games of deathmatch or challenge others in races, all in modes that you can create. Or, there’s always the option of meeting up with others to perform stunts, some of which can earn big money. It sounds never-ending, but that’d because it is.

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