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The 10 Best Online Multiplayer PS4 Games

Play your PS4 with anyone, anywhere

4. Tom Clancy’s The Division

The Division can be played individually, although it requires an always-online connection. Yet the most interesting thing about it is the ease at which you can invite others to join you on your missions, or yourself to join theirs. Once you’ve teamed up, the gameplay is so much more interesting and tactical, as players aren’t only having to think about what they’re doing, but their teammates also.

Not only this but tackled solo, The Division an extremely challenging game, with its missions often taking over an hour to complete. With other players involved, you’ll be given more time to collect much-needed ammunition and loot, different angles to attack the enemies from, and, most importantly, help when you need healing. Its always-online policy raised a few eyebrows when it was first released, but it’s slowly shown that this is the way forward in gaming.

5. Rocket League

We’ve covered Rocket League a few times at GameAddik, but that’s not because we’re obsessed with it (we actually are). If anything though, it’s credit to a game which has such wide appeal, is incredibly addictive, and just easy to pick up and play.

Being able to play five-a-side football (soccer) as a car, on a caged pitch, with players from all around the globe, is an incredibly fun experience. Half of that comes from it being more difficult to play than you think; for a game which has such a simple premise, the ball is notoriously difficult to control with the cars. It’s hilarious at times, and constantly enjoyable, and there’s no time that relates to more than when playing online.

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