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The 10 Best Online Multiplayer PS4 Games

Play your PS4 with anyone, anywhere

6. Destiny

Destiny had so much hype surrounding it when it was released in 2014 that it was hard not to feel disheartened when it didn’t live up to expectations. Its main story mode didn’t make much sense and the multiplayer was shallow, leaving many without hope. Yet there was still something that dragged people into the game, probably in the knowledge that Bungie would, one day, deliver the game that they promised. And they did.

With its constant updates and two huge expansions, Destiny slowly but surely turned into the sci-fi first-person shooter that we all wanted it to be. New game modes were introduced, more light levels became available, raids were bigger, and loot was more worthy of the challenges players had to face to get it. The online now has the depth to it that the developer promised, the kind of gameplay that we hope drags on to the second instalment.

7. Call of Duty Infinite Warfare and Modern Warfare Remastered

Without a doubt, the biggest video gaming franchise of the last decade is Call of Duty. Since Modern Warfare, its huge presence in the video games industry has been unparalleled, with Modern Warfare 2 being the moment when it shot to Hollywood-style proportions. Year on year Activision publishes a chart-topper with its three developers, and whilst they may not have the interest the earlier titles did, they’re still every bit as successful.

The latest instalment, Infinite Warfare, again equips players with jetpacks and advanced weaponry, a decision met with furore by series fans. Yet some editions to come bundled with Modern Warfare Remastered, a polished version of one of the finest multiplayer experiences of all time. On all of the classic maps including Shipment and Crossfire, with the weapons that started it all (with a slightly less powerful M16), older players can get their dose of nostalgia, whilst new players are introduced to a small slice of gaming history.

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