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10 Best Xbox One Case Mods

When gamers get creative, these are the results…

If the creative section on Twitch is any indication, gamers can be very inventive and artistic individuals – especially when it comes to their number one hobby. Welcome to the 10 best Xbox case mods. These gamers weren’t satisfied with the choice between a black or white case and decided to create something of their own.

Be warned: some of these mods void the console’s warranty. So, think carefully before you crack open your case and start sawing away.

10) Retro Wood Texture


Whoever said the 70’s are dead never came across this Xbox case. The simulated wood grain texture is perfect for those who like a sleek, retro look. Even better: this mod is simply a skin, so your warranty is safe.

9) Nintendo NES


Why not convert your Xbox One into one of the most recognizable consoles of all time? Even non-gamers know the classic look of the original Nintendo Entertainment System. While it may seem blasphemous to dress up one console as another, this one saves itself with sheer nostalgia. You’ll be flashing back to your childhood all night long.

8) Stone 


Time to add a little texture to the list. Since his warranty was up in two weeks, gamer Sk8ordie72 decided to throw caution to the wind, cracked open his Xbox, and set to work on a custom mod job. The result is a chic looking, stone textured case complete with soft, LED backlighting.

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