10 Games You Won’t See on the Mini-SNES

If the mini-SNES becomes a thing, chances are you won’t see these titles included with the console.

With the popularity of the NES-mini last year, rumours have been circling about a potential SNES-mini console releasing this Christmas. While there’s no confirmation yet, it hasn’t stopped many Youtubers and bloggers from generating Top 10 Lists about which games will be included with the mini console.

However, Youtuber St1ka broke from the norm and counted down the Top 10 least likely games to appear on his Retro Corner.

You can watch the entire video here or see the list for yourself below:

Don’t want to watch the video? That’s fine! We’ve condensed everything for you below.

10 Games You Won’t See on the Mini-SNES

10. Secret of Mana


Set in a high-fantasy world around the mystical power of Mana, this RPG broke the rules by utilizing real-time combat in a time where turn-based was the norm.

Why you won’t see it: While the game sold millions of units in Japan, it was a commercial failure in the U.S. Plus, Square-Enix had more successful games like Final Fantasy are more likely to be on the list.

9. Shadowrun


The name Shadowrun is fairly recognizable to those in the table-top or video game worlds. For those of you who don’t know, the franchise is set in a near-fictional universe where cybernetics, fantasy creatures, and magic coexists.

Why you won’t see it: the game flunked when it was released, and given the franchise’s success since, the licensing costs would be huge.

8. Metal Warriors

Set in the year 2102, battle against the evil Dark Axis as one of the few remaining warriors left in a variety of different mech suits.

Why you won’t see it: Given that this game was published by LucasArts, the legal issues could be a pain. Plus, the Konami-featured game is more likely to be Castlevania or Contra 3.

Featured Image Credit: www.funstockretro.co.uk

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