10 Of The Best Upcoming Nintendo Switch Exclusives For 2018

These days, exclusivity can really make or break a console. Having the right games release only on your system can be a huge selling point, driving gamers to you instead of the competition.

Nintendo has long had some amazing exclusive series and franchises, which it seeks to continue on the Nintendo Switch. So we thought we would take a look at 10 of the most exciting and best exclusive games coming to the Nintendo Switch this year.

10. Mario Tennis Aces

Nintendo has had a huge grasp on the party-focused sports games for years, with Mario’s Tennis games leading the way. Now, the Mario Tennis series is making its debut on the Nintendo Switch this year with Mario Tennis Aces.

With gameplay seeming to take inspiration from the previous Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash, Mario Tennis Aces includes a range of different shot types. These include Zone Shots, where you are able to pause time and aim exactly where the tennis ball will travel to. This means that you’ll be able to play both reactively and strategically.

Continuing Nintendo’s push for competitive play, they have also included online gameplay, including tournaments that you can engage in.

9. Bayonetta 3

The Bayonetta series has been a huge success, with the first two games exploding in popularity due to the high octane action and intense gameplay. However, that is exactly what you would expect from developers like Platinum Games.

Due to this popularity, the first two games have been re-released on the Nintendo Switch with a third coming to the console this year. Bayonetta 3 has already generated huge amounts of hype through the teaser trailer. Everyone is expecting the same levels of polish and gameplay and, from the look of things so far, we won’t be disappointed!

8. Yoshi

Originally debuting as a support character for Mario to ride along, Yoshi is one of the most popular dinosaurs in gaming history. His cute and playful design, along with some impeccable games, has helped push him into the ranks of Nintendo’s iconic mascot characters.

Finally, we are now getting a new Yoshi game exclusively on the Nintendo Switch in 2018. As of the time of writing, it is still unnamed, being referred to as simply Yoshi. However, the gameplay looks as addictive and entertaining as ever. The use of multiple layers within the side-scrolling platform levels adds a new dimension to the genre as well, making the game all the more fun.

7. Fire Emblem

This tactical RPG series has been going strong since 1990 when it first hit the shelves. Through deep and meaningful stories, memorable characters and a permanent death system for each unit you control. This makes Fire Emblem as a whole one of the most punishing and yet rewarding role-playing game series to date.

However, in order to make the franchise more accessible, a second gameplay option was added called “casual mode”. This mode means that when a character dies, they are revived at the end of the battle.

The next game in the series is set to release this year, exclusively on the Nintendo Switch, bringing one of the greatest RPG games ever to the console.

6. Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes

It’s hard to believe that it has been a decade since No More Heroes was released to the world. The game was incredibly unique, with everything from over the top enemies, intense battles and even going to the toilet to save the game. Nothing could have prepared anyone for what No More Heroes was going to give them.

Finally, ten whole years later, a sequel to this absolutely epic game is coming out exclusively for the Nintendo Switch. Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes, which is set seven years after the first game, takes place after Travis and a new enemy are sucked into a video game console.

In essence, the game’s storyline is a race towards the end against your rival, trying to collect each of six Death Balls along the way. Once you have all 6, you are granted a single wish. That, alone, should explain just how out of this world the game is going to be.

5. Runner3

Described as a “rhythm platformer”, Runner3 puts you in control of Commander Video, best known as the protagonist of the Bit.Trip series. Whilst running is carried out automatically, similar to a “running” game on mobiles, you have to take control when it comes to dodging, kicking and sliding in order to get around various obstacles.

The developers have also included the ability to perform a double-jump, as well as being able to ride vehicles within the game as well. This adds a whole new layer of gameplay to the base idea for Runner3.

For those of you who love to be able to customise the way your characters look, then you’re in look as well! With blue gems, that can only be collected once, you’ll be able to unlock new cosmetic items for your character as well! Therefore, despite being another “running” game, Runner3 seems like it adds enough to make it unique and different, gaining a spot on this list of Nintendo Switch exlusives for 2018.

4. Project Octopath Traveler

With quite possibly the strangest sounding name for a video game in 2018 so far, Project Octopath Traveler is a new J-RPG partly from the brains behind the Final Fantasy series. Square Enix and Acquire have teamed up to bring us an “HD-2D” RPG that apparently mixes the classic, retro gaming style of the SNES with modern high definition graphics. This will make for one of the more unique looking games to come out on the Nintendo Switch.

With a turn-based battle system, as well as a Boost Point system that can give temporary increases in power to your characters’ skills, tactical through and strategy are high on the priority list. This is perfect for fans of the J-RPG genre, as it will capture everything you love about the gameplay style.

This is especially true when you add in the Shield Counter that enemies have. This will need to be depleted during combat, which will then stun your enemy, allowing for stronger attacks to hit. All of this adds up to create one of the most exciting J-RPG Nintendo Switch exclusives for 2018!

3. Donkey Kong: Tropical Freeze

It’s still funny to look back and think that Donkey Kong started out as a villain. Since then, he has become one of the most recognisable and beloved characters on the Nintendo consoles, alongside Diddy Kong. His games were some of the most entertaining (and at times, punishing) platformers on the console gaming market.

With Donkey Kong: Tropical Freeze, originally released on the Wii U but now getting a full upgrade exclusively for the Nintendo Switch, you get everything you know and love from the series. However, the developers have also special moves and an online leaderboard to the game.

Therefore, Donkey Kong: Tropical Freeze is the perfect Nintendo Switch exclusive for both casual and more hardcore gamers!

2. Hyrule Warriors: Definitive Edition

Whilst it may not be entirely exclusive to the Nintendo Switch since it originally released on the Wii U, the definitive edition of Hyrule Warriors is exclusive for the current generation of consoles. As such, we are featuring it on this list because of how great of a game it will be.

Built on the Dynasty Warriors gameplay setup, Hyrule Warriors allows you to play as your favourite characters from The Legend of Zelda as they take on waves of enemies. These hordes will come at you constantly as you hack and slash your way to victory. This makes for one of the best action games coming out this year.

As such, it definitely deserves a place on a list of the biggest and best exclusives coming to the Nintendo Switch in 2018.

Hyrule Warriors was also ranked the #5 most anticipated game for the Nintendo Switch for 2018! You can read the full list here: 13 Of The Most Anticipated Nintendo Switch Games Of 2018.

1. Super Smash Bros

Easily one of the most popular and successful franchises to come out from Nintendo in the history of the video game industry, Super Smash Bros is even a huge eSports game. The frantic fights between Nintendo’s various different characters, as well as all of the different guest fighters, has led to some amazing gaming moments.

Now, with the latest addition to the series coming out on the Nintendo Switch, excitement hit the roof. When the announcement trailer hit the internet, Twitter broke with all of the screaming cheers.

With Splatoon characters confirmed, as well as the potential for Link from The Legend of Zelda: Breath of Wild making an appearance, this looks set to be the best Super Smash Bros game yet. Therefore, it most certainly gets a spot at the top of a list of upcoming exclusives for the Nintendo Switch!

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