11 Coolest PS4 Decal Girl Skins

Customise you console with these covers.

The original model of PlayStation 4 sports a sleek design, with one side matt finish and the other gloss. Its jet black look is meant to blend right in with your TV and other appliances, but sometimes you don’t want it to match everything else – you want it to stand out as the highlight of the room. After all, it is your pride and joy.

Luckily some creative people out there design and develop skins for your PS4, ranging from throwbacks to 80s retro to galaxies far, far away. We’ve listed the 10 coolest skins for you to personalise your console, all of which are available somewhere online.

11. Library


This is one for the players who are always being berated about how video games are bad and that they need to read more. It’s drawn in a Binding of Isaac art-style, making it look more of a painting than anything else. At least it might make you feel better after an intense gaming session – you managed to get at least some reading in.

10. Composition


If the Library skin isn’t making you feel like you’re doing anything productive, then the Composition effect might help. It’s designed like a Composition notebook, even featuring page lines on the bottom half of the console. It would almost be as if you were sitting there doing the work you need to complete by tomorrow, except you’re actually still playing PlayStation at three in the morning. At least you tried.

9. Carbon


The Carbon skin will look boring to some but sleek to others. It’s not too dissimilar to the PlayStation 4’s original casing, except it’s got this diagonal, fuzzy effect. If you stare at it too close for too long it almost seems like it has a 3D effect, and makes your eyes feel heavy in the same way that an optical illusion does. Maybe not the best idea when after you’ve been playing games for a few hours…but it’s a nice look nevertheless.

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