11 Highly Anticipated Third-Person Games in 2017

From action-adventure to RPGs, there’s something for everyone who loves third-person games.

6. Vampyre

Release date: TBA 2017
Available on: PC, Xbox One, Playstation 4

Ah, another completely overdone trope and another game that promises to restore our faith – this time in blood-sucking monsters. In this alternate history tale, London 1918 is ravished by a lot more than the Spanish Flu. Vampires lurk in the cold, shadowed streets. Hunters seek to strike them down. Mutants known as Skulls have contradicted both vampirism and the flu, who may be friend or foe. And of course, the citizens between them all serve as quest providers — and as food.

If that sounds complex, it is. The more you feed on people, the stronger your character becomes. But at what point do you lose your humanity completely, and at what cost?

5. Prey for the Gods

Release date: December 2017
Available on: PC, Xbox One, Playstation 4

Prey for the Gods is another survival adventure game with a killer promise: stranded on a desolate, frozen island, your only chance at survival is destroying the gods you believe in. Early reviews are calling this game a new Shadow of the Colossus and we’re stoked. It’s quite an undertaking for a three-man indie project, especially one promising to deliver on PC as well as consoles. We’ve had our fair share of over-promised, under-delivered games lately (*cough* No Man’s Sky), but we hope Prey of the Gods beats the odds.

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