11 Indie Games You Should Be Playing Right Now

As publishers become more conservative, indie developers are on the rise.

Let’s admit it: gaming can be an expensive hobby. And in today’s market, traditionally publishers are less likely to take chances, flooding the gaming market with carbon copy shooters and MOBAs. Enter the rise of the indie game.

Indie Games You Should Play

With modern technology and sites like Steam, independent developers can now create and distribute their games to the market for nearly any platform, may it be consoles, PC, and dare we say it… even Mac and Linux (please don’t judge the games for it).

The result?

Without a publisher’s concerns about marketability, indie games are producing distinctive, experimental, and even transcendent experiences. Here, we list the top eleven games indie games you should be playing right now.

11. Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes

Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes

Available on: PlayStation 4, Android, PC and also compatible with Oculus Rift.

As if the title alone wasn’t enough to pique your interest, this game will make you feel like you’re starring in your own B-grade action movie. When the game starts, you find yourself alone in a room with a ticking bomb. Your friends have the manual to disarm it. Only you can see it. It’s the ultimate race against the clock to disable the bomb before time runs out. Move over, Nicolas Cage. Move way over. And keep going.

10. UnderRail


Available on: PC

Over the last five years we’ve seen just about every version of the apocalypse that Hollywood can churn out. This doesn’t stop us from wanting more. UnderRail is a post-apocalyptic, turn-based RPG where the remnants of humanity dwell in underground subway systems. Don’t let the simplicity of the graphics fool you. The exploration and combat systems rival that of triple-A games, making this little known indie perfect for fans of the Fallout series.

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