The 13 Best Upcoming Xbox One Games Players anticipate in 2018

10. Deep Rock Galactic

If you’re like us, then you’ve probably spent a fair amount of time thinking about what kind of obstacles future space miners might encounter while on the job. So, we’ll all be glad to hear developer Ghost Ship Games’ upcoming horde shooter Deep Rock Galactic answers this burning question.

The game’s namesake is that of in-world company Deep Rock Galactic. As veteran dwarf space miners, you and up to 4 of your friends will fend off waves of bloodthirsty creepy crawlies, in atmospheric cave systems to collect ore for your company, and to upgrade your gear and weapons.
Ditch the pick-axe and pick up a minigun with your dwarven brothers in early 2018.

9. Ashen

With a semi polygonal art style that’s not as sharp as the other games listed here, the light of brilliance that is Ashen will shine through those pseudo-retro textures. On the journey to find a place to call home, players will have to trust in the strength of the relationships they form in this dark world created by New Zealand developer Aurora44.

A beautiful open world, drenched in darkness, with no sun the only source of light are various eruptions that cover the land in ash. Your settlement is nestled in the mountains and you’ll encounter various threats where it will be up to you to decide how you deal with situations, especially when meeting other players in the game’s passive multiplayer setting. Each player has their own goals and agendas and whether you choose to make a new friend or a new hole in the ground, is entirely up to you, as is the nonlinear story.

A promising console exclusive for Xbox One, this indie game will blacken player’s skies sometime in the second quarter of 2018.

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