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The 15 Best Multiplayer Xbox One games of 2018

One of the noblest features in modern video games is the ability to meet and play with people from all around the world… and then kill them for virtual points.

With so many current games having re-invented the way we play online and with our friends, recent titles have proven to be true game-changers, and there are many more coming in the future. Bringing the promise of even more in-depth and engaging multiplayer action, some of our favourite online games aren’t even at full release yet.

Whether you’re taking down another player’s titan in Titanfall 2 or singing sea shanties on deck in the upcoming Sea of Thieves, these are 15 of our favourite Xbox One multiplayer games.

15. Titanfall 2

The war-torn landscapes of distant outer space colonies are the perfect setting for a futuristic multiplayer mecha showdown. Players assume the role of a Pilot, armed with a stunning arsenal of weapons and abilities. You’ll traipse about the battleground with a grappling hook, slinging yourself around corners and probably right into the side of a building, or charge headfirst into battle with a personal shield and hail of machine gun fire. The options for Pilot load-outs are varied and fun to play around with, but the most enticing part of Titanfall 2? The Titans, of course.

Piloting fearsome mech-style war robots is a nice change of pace from running around on the ground, and using a giant mini-gun to mow down enemies is a lot more fun than taking pot-shots at another player on a rooftop. The Titans are amazing, and they’re a major reason why 2016’s Titanfall 2 is one of our favourite multiplayer games to grace the Xbox One.

14. The Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited

The world of Tamriel in the Elder Scrolls series is a beautifully crafted setting for all the bandit killing, dragon slaying, magical goodness the series is known for. The only thing missing is some real people to experience it with.

In previous Elder Scrolls games, slaughtering roadside bandits and dealing with demonic Daedra while out on your journey would make for some interesting moments, which you were able to share with…no one. Even if you have a faithful NPC travelling companion, they don’t actually appreciate that really cool stealth kill you just got, you’re left /cheering for yourself. Thanks to the Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited, you can finally experience the beautiful world created by Bethesda with real people, like your friends! Or, most likely, random strangers! Playing like any other TES title, but with the added benefit of giving us various different areas of Tamriel to explore, and the chance to experience it all with friends, earns TESO a spot in our hearts, and our favourites.

13. Rocket League

Have you ever been watching a soccer match and thought, ‘this would be so much better with rockets and tiny cars’? Well, lucky for you, developer Psyonix delivers on some rocket-powered action as up to 4 players race around with a giant ball, and rockets strapped to their tiny rides.

Rocket League is rank #5 in the best multiplayer ps4 games. Read the full list here: The 10 Best Online Multiplayer PS4 Games

With cross-platform, and local multiplayer features too, Rocket League is a charming soccer game that switches things up with small cars, large balls, and fiery rockets. Play a match of Rocket League and you’ll scoff at regular soccer. This is further proof that rockets make everything better, and that Rocket League is a solid, fun multiplayer game, and one of our favourites on the Xbox One.

12. Cuphead

Making a deal with the Devil never goes quite as imagined, so is the case in indie run-and-gun shooter Cuphead, developed and published by StudioMDHR. Bringing back all the joys of classic couch co-op, as the titular Cuphead and his brother Mugman, players can fight through wonderfully demonic levels set in the style of classical animation art reminiscent of 1930’s Disney cartoons.

With frequent boss battles amid the run-and-gun levels, Cuphead is a non-stop battle across the fictional Inkwell Isles against the poor souls indebted to the Devil. Tasked with saving your own soul, players will do the Devil’s bidding to claim the souls owed to him from others, culminating in a fight with Satan himself. Maybe it’s the nostalgic joy of couch co-oping it, or the beautiful art style, but Cuphead is one of the best video games 2017 gave us, as well as one of the most challenging.

11. Friday the 13th: The Game

At some point during a Halloween horror movie binge-fest, you’ve probably wondered, ‘could I survive a horror movie?’. Wonder no more as developer IllFonic’s 2017 multiplayer survival game, Friday the 13th: The Game, will put you in the role of either one of the various camp counsellors, or in the shoes of Jason himself.

Based on the movie franchise of the same name, Friday the 13th will test your ability to stay alive in the face of one of the horror genre’s most memorable figures. Playing as one of up to seven camp counsellors in the mid-1980’s you’ll have to run, hide, and try to fight back against the player assuming the role of Jason Voorhees, as he uses supernatural abilities to transport around the map and hunt down you and your fellow counsellors. Armed with flare guns, the odd shotgun, and the all-important task of finding a means of escape before you’re slaughtered-Friday the 13th: The Game perfectly captures that classic horror movie feeling we love so much.

10. Fortnite Battle Royale

This cartoonish blend of action and crafting might feel familiar to PUBG fans. Dropped from the flying Party Bus as it crosses the map, you and 99 other players will glide down onto the vibrant world below to craft useful structures for protection, collect guns and ammo to blow away the competition and vie for that sweet #1 spot.

Surrounded by a massive storm, you’ll engage in a battle royale that takes a turn from the norm. While battling other players and trying to stay inside the storm’s safe zone, you’ll be able to craft anything from a simple ramp, to a personal fortress which will come in handy at the final moments of each round – when cover is sparse, the play area is tiny, and the game is more intense. With a play-style similar to PUBG, but also interesting in its own right, Fortnite delivers unique structure and trap crafting, while providing everyone with an enjoyable, good ‘ole fight to the death.

9. Destiny 2

Continuing the shared-world experience from 2014’s multiplayer hit, Destiny 2 sees the Guardians of the Last City fighting to regain their Light, stripped of it by the Cabal, a belligerent alien race from the first game.

With PvE and PvP modes, Destiny 2 features strikes to be done with three players, and raids with up to six players. Loaded up with a large arsenal of futuristic weapons and abilities, you’ll team up with your fellow Guardians to re-take the Last City, and return your Light. Bringing back the high fantasy sci-fi setting from the first game, and delivering a much more optimal matchmaking mode, alongside brand-new community activities, Destiny 2 gives players a greatly improved multiplayer experience.

8. Metal Gear: Survive

Sharing the Metal Gear title, but not too much else from the popular series, Metal Gear: Survive drops players into a freaky alternate dimension with headless crystal zombies and fields of wonderful toxic gas.

There’s no hiding under boxes in this Metal Gear game, you’ll be out in the open fighting hordes of super weird zombies who had their heads replaced with crystals. Trying to survive and find a way home, players can face the new world solo or join up with three other players as they slaughter rock zombies, create make-shift bases and gather resources so they can finally get back to their zombie-free home. Playing like a survival horde shooter, while fighting off enemies players will have to keep an eye on their hunger and thirst so they can keep going. Although it’s quite a switch-up from the regular style of the Metal Gear series, Survive should be exciting and engaging nonetheless, when it comes out February 20th, 2018.

7. Conan: Exiles

As per usual RPG starting scenarios, players will find themselves starting out in Conan: Exiles as a criminal convicted of heinous crimes and sentenced to death. Found by Conan himself after being crucified under the desert sun, you’re an exile now and must navigate the barbaric world of Conan the Barbarian.

Exploring the aptly named Exiled Lands, players will have to fight off hunger and thirst, as well as dangerous local wildlife and enemy players on PvP servers, in this harsh survival experience set in the prehistoric. Having been the victim of development delays to the full release, the game has sat in early access on Steam and Xbox One, with a full release expected May 8th, 2018. Yearning to explore the brutal sun-soaked desert lands, and frigid Northern area added by the recent update, we’re excited to see the full release of Conan: Exiles.

6. Overwatch

Now, you can’t have a list of the best Multiplayer games and not mention superhero, super-action mega-hit Overwatch. Blizzard’s team-based multiplayer FPS has become a recognized eSport since it’s release in 2016. Two teams of six players go at it, with players choosing between a roster of over 20 heroes. Each hero has different, and unique, play-styles and are divided into four classes; Offense, Defense, Tank, and Support.

Working with your squad to secure a control point or escorting a payload across the map, Overwatch delivers an intensely competitive game, as players work towards earning victories and various cosmetic upgrades. Adrenaline-pumping action and the aggressive competitiveness will keep you engaged and continuously on the edge of your seat, making Overwatch one of the best multiplayer games released on the Xbox One.

5. Grand Theft Auto: Online

The life of crime is often a lonely life, but not in Rockstar’s Grand Theft Auto: Online. The MMO mega-hit lets you create your very own, original GTA character, and then sets you loose in San Andreas to wreak havoc with other players. Going to the mall to hang out with your friends sounds fun, but robbing a 7/11 and stealing a military jet plane sounds a lot more enjoyable. Trying to do that in the real world could end badly, in GTA:O, however, the sky is the limit (unless you get your hands on that military jet!)

Pulling off heists and causing general chaos by yourself should be a crime. These are the activities best enjoyed among friends and inside a video game safe from the consequences of the real world. Grand Theft Auto: Online sates our appetite for co-op crime sprees and makes for one amazing multiplayer experience on the Xbox One.


The popular PC hit PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds finally made it’s way to the Xbox Game Preview Program as a console exclusive, allowing for all the anxiety-inducing, adrenaline-pumping, battle royale goodness to be available for Xbox players.

Dropping from a cargo plane onto a massive island with 99 other people is a fantastic way to start off your fight to the death, and as soon as you land it’s a mad dash to try and live for as long as you can. You’ll scavenge for weapons, armour, and ammo while running from building to building hoping you don’t bump into any other players.With the grand prize of a chicken dinner at stake, caution is an essential survival tool in a game where everyone, including the shrinking safe-zone, is trying to kill you. If you’re lucky enough to ever win one of those chicken dinners, tell us how it tastes…

3. Elite Dangerous

In space, no one can hear you scream when a pirate shows up to rob you blind. Frontier Development’s Elite Dangerous is a stunning space sim, with a 1:1 scale replica of the Milky Way Galaxy to explore. A large collection of ships, with various weapons and enhancements to add-on, await new Commanders, and a host of random dynamically generated missions will take you to scenic, and sometimes deadly, star systems.

Boasting beautifully designed spaceships for you and your Commander friends to explore, carry out trade runs and engage in epic space combat with. The recent addition of Holo-Me and Holo-Piloting, your friends can join your crew as you journey through the wild space frontier. While running into other players out in the vast expanse of the cosmos is not a regular occurrence, Close Quarter Combat mode will let you test your skills against other players and earn that sweet Elite ranking. Exploring the entire Milky Way in amazing accuracy and detail, and with the option of doing it in a group, is reason enough to pick Elite Dangerous up on the Xbox One.

2. Monster Hunter: World

Travelling to the New World, an unpopulated land filled with monsters, players assume the role of a Hunter in Capcom’s recently released hit, Monster Hunter: World. Although another entry in the Monster Hunter series, World is easily accessible to new players, who have little to no knowledge of the previous games in the series.

As a Hunter, you’re tasked with aiding the Research Commission as they attempt to colonize the New World and study the monsters that inhabit it. Traveling through several environmentally different zone, connected with no loading screens, Hunters can lone-wolf it or team up with up to four other Hunters. The game has a core loop, where you kill or capture monsters you can beat, so you can get loot from them to upgrade your equipment and weapon, so you can move on to more powerful monsters, and so on. Using the city of Asteria as a home base, Hunters can organize themselves, buy new gear with in-game currency, and find new monsters to track down with Scout Files. Having just been released in January, Monster Hunter: World seems to already be one of the best games of 2018.

1. Sea of Thieves

Coming in March exclusively to the Xbox One, the high seas are a-callin’ and it’s time to set sail in Sea of Thieves. Hunting for treasure, sailing across the ocean, getting scurvy, and singing drunken sea shanties while pounding back mugs of grog, players will indulge in all the finest of pirating activities.

Sea of Thieves is also listed as one of the most Anticipated Xbox One games of 2018. Check out our list of the Best Upcoming Xbox One Games of 2018.

Joining up with other some-what fearsome pirate players to raid skeleton infested islands for treasure and hazarding dangerous storms out on the open sea, you’ll live the pirate life you’ve always dreamed of. The salty sea air and sound of shambling skeletons breathing down your neck while you leg it back to the ship, treasure in tow, the life of a pirate is an exciting tale. One of the most promising games coming in 2018, and already a favourite of ours, Sea of Thieves closed its beta in January with over 300,000 players, and it’ll be on Xbox One on March 20th, 2018.

That’s our list of favourite multiplayer games that are on or will soon be out for the Xbox One. Did we miss one of your favourite team-building exercises in being a bad-ass? Let us know in the comments!

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