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15 PlayStation 1 Games We’d Love to See on a Mini Edition

Only the best.

Sales of Nintendo’s NES and pre-orders of the SNES Classic Editions have been enough to convince Atari and SEGA to try their hand at the mini console game. Of course, SEGA emulators have been around for years, but the quality of Nintendo’s consoles could push them to make something in a similar vain. As for Atari, the Ataribox will be the company’s first console in over 20 years, and will come packaged in with its classic games starting from the 2600 era. If anything, the Mini NES and SNES consoles have proven to other (ex-)console developers that sending players back in time can mean big sales – and big bucks.

Yet whilst a few companies revel in their past, others have stayed silent. Perhaps because it’s waiting for a big reveal or doesn’t intend to develop one at all, Sony hasn’t mentioned anything to do with a PlayStation 1 Classic Edition. From a sales point of view it would make sense: the Japanese company’s first console is one of the most-loved in history and holds a back catalogue containing some of the biggest video game icons ever. However unlikely it may be, here are the games we’d love to see on a PlayStation 1 Classic Edition.

Final Fantasy VII

Not only one of the best games of all time but also one of the most important, Final Fantasy VII is credited with introducing Japanese role-playing games to the West. For so long a niche genre, the seventh instalment in Square’s epic franchise scrapped the fantasy elements that the series had become synonymous with, and instead replaced them with an industrial theme. Neither Final Fantasy nor the video game industry as a whole have been the same since.

Taking control of the game’s central character, Cloud, players lead the organisation AVALANCHE in its quest to destroy Shinra, a company intent on harvesting the deadly Mako energy – an obvious metaphor for nuclear power. Its narrative is compelling, but what makes it even more special is the depth of its characters; the twists and turns in each characters’ actions and intentions was unheard of in 1997, and still has the power to astound today. Its graphics may be dated, but as a whole Final Fantasy VII is timeless, and a game that everyone should play at least once in their lifetime.

Metal Gear Solid

When you consider auteur video game developers of directors there’s always one that instantly springs to mind. His relationship with Konami may have ended in misery, but there’s no doubt just how much impact Hideo Kojima has had on the industry since Metal Gear Solid, and its influence is still felt in every stealth game and (ridiculously long) cut scene we see today.

Now one of video gaming’s greatest icons, Solid Snake was first introduced to our screens in 1998, a saboteur seemingly plucked straight out of a John Le Carré novel. The plot of tactical espionage is confusing at best, but essentially centres on Solid Snake’s mission to take down Liquid Snake – Solid’s genetic clone – and his terrorist organisation. Metal Gear Solid wasn’t the first in the Metal Gear series, but it kick-started the appeal for stealth combat, showing players and developers alike that sometimes more enjoyment could be had escaping situations as opposed to facing them full on. It broke down barriers, including the fourth wall – having to change controller port for one – developing a legacy for itself and its several sequels.

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